Friday 31 May 2019

Tuesday 28th May – Print Competition, Nature

We welcomed Paul Radden to be our judge for the final print competition of the season. In addition to being the EAF President Paul is also the Judging Secretary for the EAF and  is well qualified to judge images.
There were 50 images from two classes. 
His comments were constructive and helpful, focusing mainly on getting the right crop, making the best use of light and, perhaps more significantly, involved the audience in the judging process.

The high scoring images are shown below.

Fighting Arctic Terns by Liz Akers 20

Bracket Fungus with Sapling by Pam Rutty 20

Golden Eagle with Red Fox by Robin Orrow 20

Great Blue Heron with Young Marine Iguana by Dawn Osborn 19

Mountain Hare Grooming by Di Jackson 19

Coastal Wren Calling by Caroline Tillett 19

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