Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Tuesday 14th September Zoom Presentation by Phil Savoie

 Although last week we met for real in the  Wells Cole CC it was back to Zoom this week for a presentation by Phil Savoie, original entitled "Up your Photography" but now called " Principals of Photography". We are all still learning and in this talk Phil  shared his Photographic journey of self improvement and how we could create images with impact.

He covered the basics of lenses, depth of field, story telling and the need to have emotional contact with the viewer. All points being well illustrated with  excellent images.  The second half included some really useful Secret Source tips which were so simple and very helpful.

generally agreed that his presentation was brilliant and very informative.

Please check your Phil's web site tis ee some fo his stunning images and film clips:

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Tuesday 7th September: Summer Challenge

We did not think the day would ever come when we would welcome Members back to the Wells Cole Hall. Several  had booked holidays or had work commitments and sent apologies, none the less there were 33 members who met for the first time in 18 months.

We welcomed along Roy Essery, MPAGB, to be the Judge for the Summer Challenge Competition. In the past we have had three judges each scoring every image, this year we did it slightly differently with only one judge who briefly commentated on each image and then scored the entry on the 7th image which was an image of all 6 images. There were 23 entries and all were praised by Roy as being of a high standard.

As this was the first real meeting before we saw the images for the Summer Challenge the chairman presented the Awards for last season. Click here

No easy task to select a winner but the high scoring images can be seen below

1st Place: Hedgerow Sketches by Andy Caws 20

2nd Place: It's all about the splash by Jan Murphy 20

3rd Place: Summer Insects by Liz Akers 20

Highly Commended: Old Buckenham Airshow by Graham Frost 19


Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 - WDPC Image of the Year

We were fortunate to get the services of Alison Jenkins ARPS, DPAGB, LMPA as our judge for this our final competition of the season.  Alison had 68 images to select from and they represented just about every genre of photography you could think of - so no easy task.

If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, our club laptop with all the competition images loaded failed to connect on zoom so Alison not only judged but presented the images via her zoom link to our members.  No problem for Alison.  Every image received a constructive critique, praise given and improvements suggested in a positive, supportive manner.

Many thanks Alison for stepping in and helping us to provide an excellent final competition for this season.

The results of our Image of the Year can be seen below:

1st Place and Image of the Year


2nd Place Image


3rd Place Image

A MOMENT IN TIME by Les Thwaites

4 Images were Highly Commended:


LIFE AFTER DEATH by Caroline Tillett

ON THE BOX by Paul Radden

PASSING TIME by Jan Murphy

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Tuesday 8th June "All the Gear and No Idea" – illustrated talk by Roger Hance FRPS, DPAGB, BPE*5

It was pleasure to welcome back Roger to WDPC. Although fairly local we are still in Zoom mode so unusually for Roger all images were digital. However they certainly did not disappoint. 

His subject matter ranged from portraits to macro, from voles to garden birds and  from landscapes to sport. Whilst showing his images Roger also clearly talked about how he had taken them, what he was aiming at and also how he was continually looking for new subjects. Some of the images included only being taken last week. One thing became clear was that Roger certainly understands his subject when talking about wildlife.

He recently switched to Olympus gear and did refer to his body/lenses quite often but not to the detriment of his talk.

His presentations are always good, his style is very easy to listen to and understand, with many hints and tips provided, and inspired many of us to go out tomorrow to try and get some garden birds, if nothing else.!

it is worth noting that apart from a few Welsh landscapes all images shown were taken in England. 

Roger has recently started his own YouTube channel where he has uploaded several videos on a range of topics, mainly facing on wild life. Click here.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Tuesday 1st June – "The Way I See It' by Chris Upton, ARPS

Many positive comments after Chris Upton's talk, which covered the 7 steps he thought were necessary to take a good picture. He started by emphasising the need to work out what is the message you are trying to convey before considering the Hows.  Each of his points was most ably illustrated by his own images.

The talk was good instruction for our less able members and a useful refresher for the more experienced.  Lots of practical suggestions, hints and tips but Chris also stressed that looking at all the videos, reading all the books, listening to all the talks etc  was no substitute for actually getting out there with your camera.

Post meeting note: This week Chris has received a commendation for his image "Medusa" in the Sienna awards. No mean achievement considering there were over 50,000 images submitted.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Tuesday 25th May – "Never underestimate an old women with a camera" – talk by Sally Sallett, ARPS, CPAGB, AFIAP, BPE*3

WDPC were really appreciative of Sally coming along at very short notice. Thank goodness for Zoom as Sally comes from Wakefield!!

It is amazing how many qualifications Sally has achieved in such a short space of time. In the first half she shared some of her fairly normal pictures but in second half we saw some of her award winning images. For example her panels for her RPS distinctions and her CPAGB images, with very different but enjoyable styles.

Although Sally did not share any processing suggestions her creativity certainly showed through in her images. Many of her images can be seen on Face book. 

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Tuesday 11th May – Mark Sisson, "White and Wild"

Mark came well recommended and certainly did not disappoint. Having describe the gear he uses he continued by sharing many images taken in cold climates. These ranged from Shropshire to Svalbard, from Finland to Iceland and from Japan to Yellowstone. He continually emphasised the benefit of taking images against the right back ground and being able to understand the lens you use, how they work and what you can do with them.

He described how in many cases he liked to give a sense of place and therefore had space in his images, sometimes of pure snow and sometimes of ice flows or maybe just the out of focus trees.  He demonstrated how much patience he had by waiting for hours in various hides waiting for the eagles to show up and  he mentioned the need to observe your subject and understand it before pressing the shutter.

Being unable to travel at the moment may be a good thing as I think there would be many wanting to book trips to Japan, Iceland and even Scandinavia. Lots of positive feedback from club members on the quality of Mark's images and also the excellent delivery of his presentation.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Tuesday 4th May – "Still" by Paul Sanders

 We continue to enjoy Zoom meetings and speakers from all over, which we would not normal have access to. This evening we heard from Paul Sanders, previous Picture Editor of The Times, workshop leader and tour guide, amongst other things.

Paul posed several questions and used his own life story and images to illustrate his answers. The questions he asked are relevant to all photographers and included: Why are you taking this photograph ? Who do you take photographs for? Not how do you make images but why? What is photography for you? How do you feel when you are at any given location?

His personal account was very honest, very illuminating and very helpful to many members who came along. A very worthwhile evening judging by members comments. To see some of Paul's images please check out his website:

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

27th April 2021 - Competition: Theme - Macro/Close-up

We welcomed Leo Rich ARPS, EFIAP/g, DPAGB as the judge for our final league competition of the season and with 72 images to judge we were in for another full evening.

As you would expect with a theme of Macro/Close-up a high percentage of the images were natural history subjects with flowers, butterflies, fungi and various other flora and fauna featuring strongly. There were also some amazingly imaginative images which all helped to provide a very interesting and varied display of images for Leo to judge.

Thank you Leo for offering constructive helpful comments and, most importantly, encouragement.

Some of the high scoring images can be seen below:

In Members Class:

COPRINOPSIS IAANII by Les Thwaites 20/20

COMMA UNDERSIDE by Maureen Campbell 19/20

FROSTY ROSE by Pam Rutty 19/20

YELLOW BRAIN FUNGUS by Maureen Campbell 19/20

I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE by Tom Thurston 18/20

TIME GONE BY by Tom Thurston 18/20

In Members Advanced Class:


DOUBLE IMAGE by Christine Frost 20/20


HOUSE FLY by David Ashfield 20/20

MALE BANDED DEMOISELLE by Graham Frost 19/20


Monday, 19 April 2021

Tuesday 13th April – "Abandoned Places" an illustrated talk by James Kerwin

It was a pleasure to welcome James Kerwin to WDPC tonight. When booked I thought he was from Norwich so hopefully he could have come for real to a club meeting or via Zoom, not even thinking the pandemic would still have us locked down. In reality he has lived overseas for the last few years and has spent his time focussing on the Abandoned Places, so once again zoom saved the day.

His talk recounted his different projects in various countries, ranging from Lebanon to Georgia, from Poland to Armenia. He told many stories relating to his images, both of which showed what beautiful buildings some of the abandoned places must have once been. Not really "urb ex" images but more along the lines of a society in decline, even though only one image had any people in it. Along the way he spoke about the importance of light, how he used a tilt and shift lens and also gave additional tips how to photograph architecture.

His web site,,  as well as show casing some of his images also gives details of the workshops the he runs often enabling participants to visit some of the more off the beaten track venues. 

An interesting evening and one which had many members considering where they could find any abandoned buildings nearer home.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Tuesday 6th April – "In the Making" by Gareth Martin, CPAGB, AWPF

Gareth joined us via Zoom from S Wales. He has had many successes in various salons and he showed the images straight out of the camera and then showed the final edited image, in some instances showing the intermediate stages as well. quite amazing how some apparently nondescript images could be processed into something acceptable to the salons. 

It could well be that if we all trawl through our hard drives we too may find some award winning images!! 

Thanks for coming along Gareth and sharing such varied images in a challenging presentation.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

23rd March 2021 - Competition - Theme - 'Scapes'

This evening over 40 of us Zoomed in on this month's competition themed 'Scapes'.
There were over 70 images for our judge, Richard Houghton, to consider. Richard explained that he would be looking for what he considered the 5 essential elements in an image namely: exposure, focus, composition, impact and story telling plus of course his personal taste.
We saw a good variety of different examples of 'Scapes' and Richard offered helpful suggestions and comments he felt might improve some of our images and praised those he felt required little or no improvement.

Some of the high scoring images can be seen below:

From Members Class:

FJORDS by Les Thwaites 20/20

WATER COLOURS by Pam Rutty 20/20

ASHNESS BRIDGE by Daphne Lingwood 19/20


BORNEO SUNSET by Les Thwaites 18/20


From Members Advanced class:

HIGH AND DRY by Christine Frost 20/20


THE TWELVE APOSTLES by Jan Murphy 20/20

FIVE FINGER STRAND by Liz Akers 19/20

SELJALANDSFOSS by Paul Radden 19/20

ST PAULS SKYLINE by Tony Smith 19/20

TULIP FIELDS by David Ashfield 19/20

WHITE POCKET by Paul Radden 19/20

LADYBOWER BRIDGE by Roy Scrivener 18/20

MAGPIE MINE by Roy Scrivener 18/20



Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Tuesday 9th March – Presentation by Astrid McGechan entitled "Feel the Land – Photography and Emotion"

Astrid McGechan, LRPS and Light & Land leader, came along to share her thoughts of Photography and Emotion. She started off by telling us a little about herself and how she came into photography, illustrating her story with her images. 

Continuing she shared why and how to capture emotion, including quotes from many other creatives, including playing some music. It seems that images which were important to her tended to show beauty, harmony and calm and these frequently related to how other's felt about her images. She told many stories along the way and gave a few suggestions as to why black and white was important to be able to convey emotion.

In the second half Astrid explained some of the techniques she used when making her images, including multiple exposures, ICM, using textures, and even defacing an image. All were ably illustrated by her own images and stories she told about them.

It was a totally different type of presentation given by Astrid McGechan that made us consider images in a different way, perhaps best summed up be her phase, "Don't take pictures of what it looks like but take pictures for how it makes you feel".

Many positive comments from members afterwards and increased activity on her FB page!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 – "Macro and Close-up Nature Photography"–a talk by Daniel Bridge

 It was good to welcome back Daniel Bridge to WDPC and we enjoyed his relaxed but very informative style of presentation. He explained the effect of using different lenses, the value of the relative different camera positions, the need to understand the behaviour of your subject and the basics of composition. 

We have a wide range of abilities in the club and I am sure most members were able to take something away from his presentation which was illustrated with many of his images.

Daniel was only too willing to answer members questions and I am sure there will be some folks who will be keen to attend one of Daniel's workshops when they resume. For details please check out his web site:

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

23rd February 2021 - Competition: Theme - Nature

We welcomed Sue Wilson DPAGB from Clay Cross Photographic Society to our competition.  Sue had a total of 82 Nature images to view, comment on and finally to award points to in her capacity as judge for the evening. There were over 40 club members keenly watching and enjoying some fabulous nature images.  

Many thanks Sue.

Some of the high scoring images can be seen below:


AFRICAN VULTURE by Les Thwaites 20/20

AVOCET by Daphne Lingwood 20/20

BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY by Maureen Campbell 19/20

SAFE IN MUMS ARMS by Les Thwaites 18/20

SILVER WASHED FRITILLARY by Maureen Campbell 18/20

Members Advanced:

FEMALE KEELED SKIMMER by Christine Frost 20/20

PIED KINGFISHER LANDING by Roy Scrivener 20/20


BEARDED TIT IN FLIGHT by Nick Akers 19/20

BLACK WINGED STILTS by Di Jackson 19/20

IMMATURE GANNET by Nick Akers 19/20

STARLING FEED by Graham Frost 19/20

AFRICAN FISH EAGLE by Roy Scrivener 18/20


FOLLOW ME by Donna Smith 18/20

POPLAR HAWK MOTH by Diana Graham 18/20