Sunday 29 October 2023

Holkham Estate - Thursday 26th October 2023

14 of us + 1 guest decided to ignore the weather forecast and head to the north Norfolk coast hoping to find some action.  Well, there were certainly plenty of Fallow deer throughout the woodland areas and huge numbers in front of the magnificent Holkham Hall however, not a lot of action.  The deer were very skittish so a slow, quiet approach without any sudden movement helped us to get within shooting distance.  There were a few half-hearted attempts at some sparring amongst the young bucks and plenty of bellowing but it didn't look as if the full rut was underway - probably worth a return visit in a week or two.

While most of us lingered in the cafe and enjoyed a variety of delicious food and drinks, Maureen ventured out and managed to capture what little action there was - well done Maureen!

Some of our images can be seen below:

by Maureen Campbell

by Graham Frost

by Christine Frost

by Andy Caws

by Di Jackson

by Maureen Campbell

by Andy Caws

by Di Jackson

by Christine Frost

by Graham Frost

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Tuesday 24 October - Round 1 Digital Competition - Open

Our first competition of the season saw a good entry of 64 images across the three classes.  The theme was Open which made the task of our EAF judge, Jane Barrett ARPS, DPAGB, BPE5, evener harder.  This was Jane's first visit to Wayland and we were grateful that she was prepared to travel to us from Essex.

Starting with the six entries in Members class, Jane identified the strengths and weaknesses of each image and suggested tips to try in the future.  The images in the Intermediate class took a bit more sorting out and Jane held back nine before awarding them scores of 19 or 20.

After the break came 32 images in the Advanced class.  As with the previous images, there was a wide variety of topics on show.  Jane gave her assessment of each one before holding back 13 images which were awarded 19 or 20.  

The high scoring images can be seen below:

In Members class:

PELARGONIUM by Georgie McCall (19)

LOW TIDE AT HUNSTANTON by Georgie McCall (19)

In Intermediate class:

RED ADMIRAL by Geoff Lingwood (20)

AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN by Graham Jackson (20)

FOR THOSE AT SEA by Tim Leonard (20)

EURASIAN JAY by Rachael Trivett (20)

SUNRISE AT ORFORD by Sue Baldwin (20)

MATING DRAGONFLIES by Geoff Lingwood (19)

JELLY EAR by Maureen  Campbell (19)

BEAR CUBS PLAYING by Rachael Trivett (19)

EVENING RACE by Phil Childs (19)

In Advanced class:

 BEAUTIFUL ANEMONE by Jan Murphy (20)

BRIMSTONE ON FLOWER by Jack Mitchell (20)

RUNNING HARE by Sandie Jardine (20)


 LEADING THE WAY by Carol Martin (20)



GANNET IN FLIGHT by Sandie Jardine (19)

ROBIN by Dawn Osborn (19)

FLY by Francesca Shearcroft (19)

GLORY OF THE SNOW by Christine Alcock (19)

NATASHA J BELLE by Chris Kot (19)


Thursday 12 October 2023

Motocross at Cadders Hill - Sunday 8th October

15 of us met up at the iconic Cadders Hill circuit for Round 7 of the Eastern Motocross Championship.  The first thing most of us noticed was how much steeper all the hills on this undulating course felt compared with the last time we visited!

However, once the early mist had cleared and the sun was shining and we'd all got our breath back, the action was fast and furious providing everyone with plenty of opportunities for some exciting photography.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and some of their images can be seen below:

795 Pushing Ahead by Sue Baldwin

Waiting for the Start by Phil Childs

They're Off by Roy Scrivener

959 by Graham Frost

Fighting for a Place by Ann Barber

In Mid Air by Pam Rutty

778 by Christine frost

Hard Racing by Tim Leonard

Flying Fox by Roy Scrivener

Looking Determined by Di Jackson

Over the Handlebars by Andy Caws

Just Getting Started by Pam Rutty

Sky Rider by Tim Leonard

411 by Graham Frost

23 by Christine Frost

Fighting to Keep Control by Andy Caws

Losing Contact by Phil Childs

Fighting it Out by Ann Barber

Where's the competition? by Di Jackson

Over The Top by Sue Baldwin