Wednesday 25 June 2014

Tuesday 24 June - Image of the Year Competition

We welcomed back Adrian Stone to judge the club’s final competition of this season, Image of the Year.  In the first part of the evening 27 digital images were in the mix.  10 were held back before Adrian declared Robin Orrow’s ‘Wreck of the Sunbeam’ the WDPC Digital Image of the Year.  

In the print competition, 25 images had been entered.  After giving each image a thorough critique, 10 short-listed prints were set aside and Di Jackson’s ‘Loaves, Fishes and the 5000’ was judged to be WDPC’s Print Image of the Year.

Our thanks to Adrian Stone who made sure the evening was both informative and entertaining.

Well done to everyone who entered an image and congratulations to the following people whose images came out on top:

Digital Image of the Year:
1st ‘Wreck of the Sunbeam’ by Robin Orrow
2nd ‘Enjoying the Match’ by Di Jackson
3rd ‘Bleak Harvest’ by Jan Murphy
Highly commended digital images:
‘White Lipped Snail’ by Christine Alcock
‘On the Footplate’ by Di Daniels
‘English Summer’ by Sue Baldwin

Print Image of the Year:
1st ‘Loaves, Fishes and the 5000’ by Di Jackson
2nd ‘Barn Owl Coming In To Land’ by Diana Graham
3rd ‘Out of the Mist’ by Robin Orrow
Highly commended prints:
‘Heavens Above’ by Andy Lowe
‘Smartie Bubbles’ by Martyn Anderson
‘Wiggly Wall’ by David Wilkin

Scroll down to see the winning images from both groups.

Digital Images




WHITE LIPPED SNAIL by Christine Alcock




LOAVES, FISHES AND THE 5000 by Di Jackson 


OUT OF THE MIST by Robin Orrow


WIGGLY WALL by David Wilkin

SMARTIE BUBBLES by Martyn Anderson

Friday 13 June 2014

Thursday 12th June 2014 - Strumpshaw Fen (RSPB)

Over 20 of us turned up for our first club visit to Strumpshaw.  I had been keeping an eye open for reports of recent sightings of the elusive swallowtail butterfly - I was hoping that we would get lucky - we didn’t have to wait long before the first in our group spotted this beautiful, exclusive to Norfolk, butterfly. The swallowtail is our largest native butterfly and when you actually see one, you realise what all the fuss is about - they are truly stunning!

Apart from the magnificent swallowtail, we saw many other butterfly species, dragonflies, damselflies and too many other insects, spiders, lizards, beetles to begin to mention.

Being summer, bird sightings were hard to come by.  Marsh harriers were seen in abundance including ariel acrobatics that involved passing food from the male to the female - amazing!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day even with the sunburn, tired feet and mozzie bites.

See below for some of our images from the day

Di Jackson

Events Secretary 

Common Lizard by Andy Lowe

Grey Heron by James Ball

Enjoying a Chat by Andy Lowe

Red Damselfly by Jim McConnell

Strumpshaw Fen by Christine Alcock

Orchid by Francesca Shearcroft

Greylag Goose in Flight by James Ball

Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies by Jan Murphy

Jay by Jim McConnell

Four Spotted Chaser by Heather Ryder

River Yare at Strumpshaw Fen by Jan Murphy

The Gang by Di Jackson

Norfolk Hawkers by Keith Mountford

Swallowtail by Christine Alcock

Tern With Fish by Robin Orrow

Norfolk Hawker in Flight by Keith Mountford

Small Tortoiseshell by Heather Ryder

Juvenile Bearded Tit by Robin Orrow

Peacock Caterpillars by Di Jackson

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Tuesday 3 June 2014 - Focus On Spring

This was our best supported 'Focus On' session with 47 images entered.  After a quick preview and a couple more run throughs, the 42 people at the meeting picked their top three images.  From each person's voting slip, we award 3 points for the image given 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place.  While we enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits, our spreadsheet churns out the results.  And here are the top 10 favourite spring images:

1st - Spring Is In The Air by Di Jackson (46 points)

2nd - Sibling Affection by Caroline Tillett (26 points)

3rd - South Pickenham by Mark Clayton (21 points)

4th - Bluebell Wood by Mark Clayton (20 points)

5th - A Brave New World by Robin Orrow (19 points)

6th - Outstanding In Its Field by Andy Lowe (16 points)

7th - Tulips by Francesca Shearcroft (12 points)

8th - Elegant Camellia by Kim Scrivener (9 points)

9th - Playtime by Robin Orrow (8 points)

10th - Late Spring Moths by Johnnie Jensen (7 points)

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Sunday 1st June - Sheringham Park (NT)

Would there still be any rhododendrons in flower for us to photograph? Having heard numerous reports that flowering was early this year, this was my concern as we set off early Sunday morning.  What a relief to discover banks of rhododendrons in glorious multi-colour bloom!

Club members could soon be seen snapping away in the undergrowth or peering out from the various viewing towers (well done to those who made it to the top of the gazebo!)  The gardens and views of the fantastic coastal panoramas were quite spectacular and definitely worth the effort of the climbs.

A few of our images from the day are shown below:

By Jim McConnell

By Sue Baldwin
By Diana Graham

By Diana Graham

By Di Jackson

By Ann Barber

By Jim McConnell

By Di Jackson

By Ann Barber

By Jim McConnell

By Ann Barber

By Di Jackson

By Jim McConnell

By Sue Baldwin