Wednesday 23 April 2014

Tuesday 22 April - fun print evening

We had a variety of activities going on at the meeting last night.  We started with the fun print competition where the challenge was to create a print inspired by music or song.  The 38 entries showed great imagination and I know several were the result of many hours of editing.  The members and guests at the meeting voted for their favourite image and that honour went to Christine Alcock’s “Ghost Riders in the Sky’.  Scroll down to see this image and the three runners up.

Over 20 members joined in the Club event in March to explore five Churches of the Broads.  At last night’s meeting we revealed the winners of the quiz and photo portfolio.  Well done Tim and Pat Leonard for getting the highest score in the quiz.  12 people sent in portfolios of 6 images and we saw all 72 images.  Congratulations to Caroline Tillett whose portfolio was judged the best overall.  The runners up were Christine Alcock, Andy Lowe and Dave Angood.  You can see their portfolios presented as panels below.

We wrapped up the evening with an impromptu discussion of plans for next season’s programme - lots of ideas for us to work on, many thanks.

GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY by Christine Alcock

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY by David Wilkin


BAD MOON RISING by Heather Ryder

Winning 'Churches of the Broads' portfolios:

The Winning Portfolio by Caroline Tillett

Joint 2nd Place Portfolio by Andy Lowe

Joint 2nd Place Portfolio by Christine Alcock

3rd Place Portfolio by Dave Angood

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Chris Weston - Animals on the Edge

What a great evening yesterday!  Over 60 of us enjoyed seeing Chris Weston's stunning photos and hearing his compelling and passionate accounts of animal conservation.  

Together we raised a magnificent total of £400 which the club will be sending to Chris’ charity 'Animals on the Edge’  

For further information about Chris’ photography and workshops, visit his website

Many thanks to all the people who were helping behind the scenes setting up the room; providing tea, coffee and cakes; ensuring the technology worked; donating raffle prizes; making visitors welcome and shaking a bucket for extra donations to name just a few tasks.  

A big thank you to everyone for raising £400.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Tuesday 1st April - Focus On ... Depth of Field

36 digital images were submitted for this informal 'Focus On ...' session. Some demonstrated precise, narrow depths of field and at the other extreme, others had used focus stacking to produce a large depth of field still pin sharp from front to back.  Members at the meeting voted for their favourite images and you can see the top five below.

Many thanks to Robin who did some impromptu editing to demonstrate  various techniques on some of the images.

Well done Christine for creating the favourite image of the night, Morning Dew.

MORNING DEW by Christine Alcock 

MORNING DEW by Caroline Tillett


ORWELL BRIDGE by Martyn Anderson

BLUEBELL ARCH by Kim Scrivener

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Saturday 29th March - Churches of the Broads

Thanks to everyone who joined in this club outing - I had no idea this subject would prove to be so popular.  Whether it was the opportunity to explore some of Norfolk’s magnificent mediaeval churches, the challenge of the quiz, the chance to capture some stunning images or could it have been the thought of a pub lunch at the Fur and Feather that inspired so many to join in - I don’t suppose I’ll ever know - what I do know is it was fantastic to see so many club members plus welcome guests enjoying themselves in the wonderful spring sunshine.

Results of the quiz and the winner of the best portfolio of 6 images will be announced at the club meeting on 22nd April.

Below are a few images from the day

Angel by Roy Scrivener

Caught You by Roy Scrivener

Duelling Togs by Roy Scrivener

Expert at Work by Roy Scrivener

You Looking at Me by Roy Scrivener

Master Class by Dave Angood

Statue by Dave Angood

Graveyard Detail by Dave Angood

The Cheeky Chap by Dave Angood

Enjoying the Sunshine by Francesca Shearcroft