Thursday 29 November 2018

Tuesday 27th November – Open Print Competition

We welcomed Howard King to judge the first print competition of the year. The theme was OPEN.
62  images were shown and ranged from wildlife to still life, from portraits to landscape.
Often difficult to judge an OPEN themed competition but not so for Howard. His comments were relevant, helpful, constructive, timely and not repetitive for each image.
The high scoring images are shown below.
River Coupall Waterfall by Nick Akers 20/20

Resting Fever Fly by Liz Akers 20/20

Golden Eagle Flying Low by Dawn Osborn 20/20

A Touch of Class by Graham Frost 20/20

Hard Times by Graham Frost 20/20

Cacti by Daphne Lingwood 20/20

Shag at Nest by Nick Akers 20/20

Snowy Egret Displaying by Dawn Osborn 20/20

Bag Man by Di Jackson 20/20

Young Grey Seals on the Beach by Mick Ladner 20/20

Chiaroscuro by Chris Kot 20/20

Sinopia Rin by Chris Kot 20/20
A Study of Concentration by Chas Youens 19/20

Otter by Geoff Lingwood 19/20

Brown Bear by Paula Cooper 19/20

Bittern with Rudd by Caroline Tillett 19/20

Wherever I Lay My Hat by Andy Caws 19/20

Scottish Sea Scape by Liz Akers 19/20

Cobbalds Point by Roy Scrivener 19/20

Flood Tide by Daphne Lingwood 19/20

Feeding Hoverfly by Martyn Anderson 19/20

Friday 23 November 2018

Minsmere RSPB Nature Reserve - Thursday 22nd November

Many thanks to everyone that turned up for this club event despite the cold, miserable grey day.  Many of us found the very low light quite tricky to deal with and had to really push the ISO up - we’ll see which software deals best with all the noise.

Some of us were lucky enough to get good sightings of the Bittern and Grey Heron from Island hide - some of us were not so lucky!  There were also numerous Marsh Harriers over the reed beds at Island and Bittern hides which were fantastic to watch. 

Here’s a few of our images below:

Bittern by Robin Orrow

Marsh Harrier - Island Hide by Christine Frost

Grey Heron by Robin Orrow

Bracing Breeze by Andy Caws

Cold Enough for Penguins by Graham Frost

The Elusive Bittern by Francesca Shearcroft

Heron by Diana Daniels

Marsh Harrier by Martin Hill

View from Island Hide by Andy Low

High Key Shoveller by Robin Orrow

Bittern by Diana Daniels

Marsh Harrier by Di Jackson

Fly Agaric by Andy Lowe

Mr and Mrs Teal by Francesca Shearcroft

Marsh Harrier by Martin Hill

Grey Heron by Andy Lowe

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Tuesday 13 November - Damien Demolder

Tonight's speaker was Damien Demolder who demonstrated 'how to use photography as a means of communication'.  Right from the start, it was clear that the emphasis was on creating the essence of being there.  Damien stressed the importance of taking control of your camera settings yourself to make the most of challenging lighting.  His varied examples showed us several ways to achieve this to make your subject stand out and distractions disappear.  

He also encouraged us to dare to be different - avoid the cliched shots of popular locations and use your imagination to create something different.
 I know many club members went away inspired to put Damien's advice into practice.  It will be interesting to see how the judges of our club competitions respond to the results!

Many thanks to Damien for an entertaining and informative evening.  For more examples of Damien's work, take a look at his website

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Tuesday 6th November - Focus on - night time

Tonight's meeting was split into three different activities.  

Tonight was our first 'Focus On' event of the season where those at the meeting vote for their favourite image on a given theme which tonight was astrophotography and night shots.  33 images were entered and the 40 people at the meeting voted for their top 5.  Well done to Dawn whose 'Arctic Night' was voted our favourite.  You can see this and the other favourites below.

In the rest of the meeting, we heard from two of our Special Interest Groups.  Tim and Tom described the activities and aims of the Natural History SIG illustrated with photos showing the range of topics and also how their photography had improved over the years.  Finally, Jack presented the recent work of the Landscape SIG from their trips to various venues in East Anglia which featured a good variety of shots from coast to city.

If you are interested in these SIGs, please see Francesca or any committee member.

ARCTIC NIGHT by Dawn Osborn


STARSPIN by Andy Lowe

REBECCA LOUISE by Roy Scrivener

FELIXSTOWE BY NIGHT by Christine Alcock

MOONS by Martin Hill


PARTIAL MOON by Martyn Anderson

REACH FOR THE STARS by Heather Ryder