Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Tuesday 28th July – Zoom presentation by Glenys Garnett

We were delighted to welcome Glenys Garnett to give a Zoom presentation this evening, entitled "Developing a Creative Approach".Glenys suggested ways of developing a creative mindset, how to overcome barriers to being creative and some ideas on using projects to develop creativity. She then showed a couple of her projects to give examples of how she has  used this approach to her own work. Virtually all of Glenys images were taken in camera, with minimal editing, and  using a variety of techniques.Still emerging slowly from lockdown many members needed some inspiration to get their cameras out and Glenys certainly provided lots of inspiration, lots of tools and many different ways to approach taking images.
To see some of Glenys images please check out her website: http://www.ggcreativeimages.co.uk

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Tuesday 15th July – My Photography My Vision by Les Forrester

After a long break due to Coronavirus and lockdown we took the plunge and had a meeting via Zoom.
Les Forester had previously delivered his presentation this way so was used to not actually seeing everyone as he spoke.
Having had a dry run of zoom the day before so members were familiar with how the platform worked, we had a really good turn out.
Les not only shared his brilliant photos but also aired some very useful information as to why he took them and also gave us composition and editing suggestions. Many members later emailed to say that they had been given some ideas to go and try.
His images certainly gave a new take on some familiar places.
Thanks Les for a great and inspirational evening, I suspect the first of many zoom meetings.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

June 2020 Focus On ... Food

Our latest Focus On competition was on the subject of food.  There were 32 entries and here are the top ten as scored by club members.

Thanks to those who took part and to Robin for organising.

1st OUT OF THE FRYING PAN by Stephen Gregory

2nd STRAWBERRY SPLASH by Francesca Shearcroft

3rd SMELL THE SIZZLE  by Robin Orrow

4th BERRY FLOWER by Pam Rutty

5th WORKING LUNCH by Graham Jackson



8th GOOD FOR YOU by Liz Blake

9th LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE by Jan Murphy

10th FAVOURITE FRUITS by Christine Alcock

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Focus On "Creative Flowers"

Thanks to our Competition Secretary, Robin, we have run another Focus on Competition whilst in these strange times of lockdown. Thanks to all club members who entered, there were a total of 41 images and potentially all members could vote as if they were the judge. 
The top 10 images are shown below.

1st To the Wind by Christine Alcock

2nd Falling by Christine Alcock

3rd  Freedom by Steve Gregory

4th Dandelion from Seed to Flower by Robin Orrow

5th It's Raining Floaties by Jan Murphy

6th World in a Flower by Francesca Shearcroft

7th Flamingo Lily by Di Jackson

8th Isolation by Francesca Shearcroft

9th Dandelion Twirl by Diana Graham

10th Garden and Sphere by Vanessa Robertson

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Focus On ... In The Garden

We can't meet up for our usual Tuesday evening meetings but that didn't stop us from running a Focus On session.  While we all stayed at home, Robin created and shared a slide show of 62 images sent in by club members.  The theme was "In The Garden".  Club members voted for their top 5 images via Survey Monkey and here are the results.

Congratulations to Christine Frost whose image Anemone Study was the winner.  The top 10 images were:

1st  ANEMONE STUDY by Christine Frost

2nd  BEE ON DAMSON BLOSSOM by Tony Smith



5th  DANDELION SEED HEAD by Jan Murphy

6th=  FEMALE PHEASANT by Tony Smith

6th=  HOVER FLY by Jack Mitchell

6th=  MOON AND BLOSSOM by Stephen Gregory

9th  MAGNOLIA by Christine Alcock

10th=  BEE FLY ABOUT TO LAND by Jack Mitchell

10th=  WHITE CRAB SPIDER ON ROSE by Robin Orrow

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Tuesday 3rd & 10th March– Software Demo evenings

A huge thank you to four club members, Robin, Jack, Andy and Jan, for bringing their computers and relevant accessories along to demonstrate how to use various software programmes to edit images. Programmes considered were Photoshop x2, Lightroom and On1. Techniques covered included basic editing and as well as some more advanced techniques, thus catering for a wider spectrum of needs within the membership.
There being four sessions each week all members potentially had the chance to attend all 4,  two each week.
Feedback has been positive by those who attended and those attending were appreciative of the things they learnt.
The proof of the pudding will be in future competition entries!!
Renewed thanks to our demonstrators Robin, Jack, Andy and Jan.

Friday, 28 February 2020

Felbrigg Hall, Garden and Estate (NT) - Thursday 27th February 2020

In spite of the rather ominous sounding forecast and the sleet and wind as we drove up to Felbrigg, six of us still managed to make it there and, as it turned out, it was a good decision.

A quick tea or coffee in the cafe followed by a tour of the Hall followed by a delicious lunch and we were ready to brave the elements in the gardens and tackle a gentle hike around the Estate.  The weather had brightened up considerably and we had a very invigorating walk round the lake enjoying the wonderful scenery and the sunshine!

Some of our images can be seen below: 

Felbrigg Hall by Roy Scrivener

Bedroom Clock by Francesca Shearcroft

Guzunder by Andy Caws

The Library by Di Jackson

Decanter by Kim Scrivener

Cock of the Walk by Roy Scrivener

Shadows Below Stairs by Francesca Shearcroft

The Felbrigg Six 

Reflections by Kim Scrivener

The Four Poster by Di Jackson

Tuesday 25th February – Digital Competition, Monochrome

We welcomed Richard Houghton to judge our Digital Competition, Monochrome, this evening. Richard had come a long way and was very complimentary about the club's standard of images.  He tended to be quite focussed on the rule of thirds but that being said his comments were constructive, non repetitive and helpful.
The high scoring images are shown below.

Abandoned Kitchen by Steve Gregory 20/20

Hitting the Bend by Di Jackson 20/20

North American Grizzle Bear by Robin Orrow 20/20

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Me by Donna Smith 19/20

Racing Through by Mick Ladner 19/20

Robin by Andy Lowe 19/20

Snow on Pyramid Mountain by Dawn Osborn 19/20

The Boiler Men by Graham Frost 19/20

Yesteryear by Daphne Lingwood 19/20