Tuesday 6 December 2016

Tuesday 6th December – Focus on Flash & Zimanga Slideshow

There were fewer than usual entries for the Focus on this time, only 17. None the less they were very varied in subject, including floral, portraits and still life. The top four winning images are shown below.

After coffee we were treated to a slide show from the Safari Adventure that some club members had attended in October. The birds were amazingly colourful and ranged from small bulbuls to very large Fish Eagles. As for animals, there were some spectacular images taken in daylight, some at sunset and some taken at a watering hole at night. Large elephants, small wild dogs, rhinos and lions and unusually some giraffes standing very close to a cheetah. Some have already been entered in club competitions whilst others I feel sure will be entered very soon.  Thanks to Di Jackson and Andy for putting the slide show together and thanks to Kim, Roy, Rachael and Robin for sending in some images.

The favourite four flash images judged by club members at the meeting were:

1st  TURBINE AT NIGHT by Jack Mitchell

2nd  PORSCHE THE RAGDOLL by Jack Mitchell

3rd  LADY SLIPPER ORCHID by Di Jackson

4th RED BUDS by Marnie Ball