Thursday 7 July 2022

Tuesday 5th July – "A feeling of impressionism by Steve le Prevost

 For our last Zoom meeting for the season we welcomed a visitor from Guernsey, Steve le Prevost. Steve's talk started with explaining about textures and how he created them. he then moved on to show us some images using various textures, including his FRPS panel.

Most of the images he illustrated his talk with were composites and he explained how he had arrived at the finished picture, using layers, blending modes, masks, and white layers. Each images was made up of several photos, and then he painstakingly edited and worked on them to arrive at the finished product. 

He also explained a little about composition and even showed us some of his images which he felt had not worked. Generally his images were either landscape, still life or maybe surreal. They blurred the boundaries between photography and art, hence the title of his talk.

His images were amazing and provided inspiration for many members to see what could be achieved with much practise and time in various software programmes. 

Friday 1 July 2022

Tuesday 28th June – Image of the Year

For the first time in nearly three years we were able to hold both a print and a digital competition. There was only one class in each category and members could submit one of each. We welcomed Andy Swain as our judge who had the difficult task of selecting a first, second and third and any highly commended or commended images that he felt warranted such an accolade. 

Andy was fair and consistent in his comments from which, if nothing else, members learnt how important the mount was!!

It was also significant as for the first time we used the new print stand which was not only very stable but showed the prints brilliantly. Thanks to committee member Jack Mitchell for making the extended top for the projector stand.

There were 28 digital images and 20 prints.

The winning images are shown below.


Winner: Frigate Bird in the Rain by Roy Scrivener

2nd Place: There may be Trouble Ahead by Graham Frost

3rd Place: The Wren Welcomes a new Day by Jack Mitchell

Highly Commended: Coffee Explosion by Jan Murphy

Highly Commended: Under the Strawberry Moon by Andy Caws


Winner: Prized Possession by Di Jackson

2nd Place: Making a Splash by Jan Murphy

3rd Place: A vision of the Countryside by Andy Caws
Highly Commended: Jaguar with Caiman Prey by Dennis Brown

Highly Commended: Sunrise at Thurne Dyke by Carol Martin


Commended: Bar-tailed Godwit by Graham Frost

Commended: Daddy's Lil Monster by Roy Scrivener

Commended: In a World of her Own by Sue Baldwin

Commended: White on White by Liz Akers