Monday 27 May 2019

RSPB Strumpshaw Fen - Thursday May 16th

Over 20 of us met up for a return visit to RSPB Strumpshaw Fen.  We were a bit earlier in the season than our last visit and following a rather chilly spell of weather there were noticeably fewer birds, flowers and insects. However, with some perseverance, we managed to find some suitable subjects to capture!

A selection of our images can be seen below:

Moorhen Feeding Chick by Dawn Osborn

Landing Gear Down by Jeff Bowley

Nettle Weevil by Liz Akers

Young Bracken Frond by Nick Akers

Wary Pheasant by Jim McConnell

Mute Swan Preening by Di Jackson

Chinese Water Deer by Robin Orrow

Peacock Butterfly by John Kerr

Hover Fly by Andy Caws

Froghopper by Liz Akers

Looking to Land by Jim McConnell

Red-headed Cardinal Beetle by Nick Akers

Swan Stretching Wings by John Kerr

Azure Damselfly by Andy Caws

Shell Ducks in Flight by Di Jackson

Fighting Coots by Robin Orrow

Black-headed Gull in Flight by Dawn Osborn

Black-headed Gull by Jeff Bowley

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