Wednesday 31 January 2018

Cambridge Inter-Club Digital Competition - Saturday 20th January 2018

After the club's amazing victory at this competition last year we set off with some trepidation not expecting too much this year. After a very close contest we were absolutely delighted to find we had finished in joint 3rd position - so not too shabby!  Many congratulations to North Norfolk Photographic Society on winning and huge congratulations to Andy Caws for winning the prestigious Roy Pitman Award for best image in the competition.

Our images can be seen below:

Chasing Elephants by Andy Caws - Best Image 

Maximum Effort by Keith Mountford

The Industrial Age by Heather Ryder

Bringing Home the Herd by Di Jackson

Victory in Sight by Keith Mountford

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Tuesday 23rd January. Digital Competition, Monochrome

We welcomed Rex Makemson to be our judge for the second round of the digital competition. There were 85 images, a third in Members Class and the rest in Members Advanced. So Rex had his work cut out but managed to finish in time and was helpful in his comments.
The highest scoring images are shown below:
Bony the Mexican Musician by Suzi Senior 20

Shoe Envy by Andy Caws 20

Window on the Soul by Heather Ryder 20 

The Lookout by Diana Graham 20

Young Grey Seal by Tom Thurston 20

Arctic Fox by Jack Mitchell 20

Herring Gull Reflection by Rachael Trivett 20

Reassurance by Christine Alcock 19

The White Hut by Graham Jackson 19

Agarve by Paula Cooper 19

Leading the Way by Tim Leonard 19

Bald Eagle by Kim Scrivener 19

Maleficent by Chris Kot 19

The Beauty of Steam by Dave Angood 19

Zebra Reflection by Rachael Trivett 19

Monday 15 January 2018

Sunday 14th January - Point to Point Racing at Ampton

The first WDPC event of 2018 found us at Ampton Point to Point races - a pretty good turnout from members and we were lucky with the weather considering what we have been experiencing - it wasn’t too cold, wet or windy - the light wasn’t brilliant but it is January!

Lots of action from what turned out to be 7 races (there were so many riders for one of the races they split it into two races) which gave us plenty of opportunities to capture that ‘special’ shot.

Some of our images can be seen below:

Neck and Neck by Jan Murphy

A Different View by Liz Blake

Eyes on the Leader by Sue Baldwin

Galloping up the Hill by Roy Scrivener

The Chase is On by Andy Caws

Shouting the Odds by Ann Barber

Lensbaby Effect by Christine Alcock

By Christine Frost

By Graham Frost

Hunting Red by Di Jackson

Neck and Neck by Roy Scrivener

Studying the Form by Sue Baldwin

Just Holding On by Ann Barber

Each Way by Christine Alcock

By Christine Frost

By Graham Frost

Going Good to Soft by Di Jackson

The Last Race by Andy Caws

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Tuesday 9 January - My kind of photos

This was our first meeting of 2018.  We had a really varied programme provided by three of our members Chris Kot, Roy Scrivener and Mick Ladner.

Chris illustrated his progress in the field of portrait photography over the last few years and shared some tips on how he interacts with models, locates studios and outdoor locations, sets his camera and processes his images.  In his more recent portraits, Chris’ individual style was clearly evident.

by Chris Kot
by Chris Kot

Roy concentrated on several areas of interest architecture, landscape, industrial and low light.  Sometimes work gets in the way of photography, other times, for example when driving home in the middle of the night, it provides wonderful opportunities!  Roy's architectural shots showed some impressive structures and both these and the industrial locations took on a new dimension when taken at dusk or at night.


JUNO OF MORTON by Roy Scrivener

Mick finished the meeting with an excellent selection of his wildlife images.  He started in Wales with red kites and dippers and ended up in his garden sharing his plans for attracting local wildlife.  Along the way, he showed us images of waders, pheasants, hares, deer and seals.  Mick stressed that the best approach is to sit and wait for the wildlife to come to you.  Mick clearly has a lot of patience and it has resulted in great wildlife photos.


RED KITE by Mick Ladner

Many thanks to Chris, Roy and Mick for an excellent evening.