Monday 18 May 2015

Sunday 17th May - Return trip to Welney Wetland Centre

A select few turned out for this return to Welney on a bright, breezy Sunday morning.  This was our complimentary visit very kindly arranged by the Centre Manager and much appreciated by the Club.
Most of us started off in the cafe for coffee before setting off to the various hides and paths on the reserve.  Although we had access to the downstairs photography hide, sadly, there were no birds to be seen!

Most of the swans and geese had already left the reserve for their long journey north leaving just a few mute swans on the reserve.  The main attractions on this visit were trying to find some of the recently hatched chicks, warblers and early arrival of some butterflies or dragonflies.  This proved to be quite a tricky task - the chicks were difficult to find and at quite some distance when they were sighted and the warblers were also very tricky with the wind tending to keep them near ground level and not coming up to be photographed!

Most of us sampled the very excellent food in the Widgeon Cafe for lunch and despite the tricky conditions and the rather distant viewing, with a little patience and determination, everyone managed to get some shots some of which are shown below. 

Young Wagtail by Caroline Tillett

Chasing Avocets by Roy Scrivener

Sedge Warbler by Andy Caws

Avocet Aggression by Robin Orrow

Anthocharis Cardomine by Jan Murphy

Avocet with 3 Chicks by Di Jackson

Three Ducks by Andy Caws

Reed Bunting by Caroline Tillett

The Beauty of Weed by Jan Murphy

Avocet in Flight by Roy Scrivener

Orange Tip Butterfly on Nettle by Robin Orrow

Moorhen Chick by Di Jackson

Avocet and Mallard by Andy Caws

Avocet Trio by Caroline Tillett

Who Me? by Roy Scrivener

Master of Disguise by Jan Murphy

Avocet with Chick by Robin Orrow

Orb-Weaver Spider with Prey by Di Jackson

Wednesday 13 May 2015

13th May - Out and About with our cameras

Fortunately, it was a clear, dry evening just perfect for an hour of outdoor photography.  Nobody travelled more than a couple of miles from Saham Toney looking for images which fell into the three set categories (People, Texture or Something beginning with D).

At 8:30pm we returned to base and selected our favourite image for David Blake to load into Lightroom.  After projecting all the images a couple of times, David picked his top three (see below) and then demonstrated a couple of editing techniques.  Mike Winter, John Kerr and Andy Caws walked away with the chocolate prizes!

TEXTURE by Mike Winter


TEXTURE by Andy Caws

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Tuesday 5th May - Focus On ... Panels

It seems everybody likes a challenge now and again!  33 examples of panels were entered in last night's Focus On ... Panels session and hardly two were the same.  A month ago, Di, Christine and Francesca shared a few tips on different methods for creating panels.  Using that (and the internet!), all kinds of designs were created.  Well done to everyone who had a go.  

Those at the meeting last night voted for their favourites and here are the top 10.


2nd SAND DUNES by Martyn Anderson

3rd SMOKE by Sarah Pymer


4th= COBWEB JEWELS by Martyn Anderson 

6th THE CHAPEL by Heather Ryder

7th NAUTICAL by Dave Angood

8th= COLD PLACES by Robin Orrow

8th= CONTENTS OF THE BIG HOUSE by Caroline Tillett

8th= WOOD SHAVINGS by Sarah Pymer