Friday 28 June 2024

Tuesday 25th June – Image of the Year

We welcomed Mike Lloyd along to WDPC to judge the Image of the Year. There was only one class and members could enter one digital and one print image.

Mike commented on the high standard of images and struggled with his final scores. The lower number of entries meant that he had time to look at each image and provide constructive feedback. 

Thanks to all those members who submitted images. 

The winners and scores are shown below.



1st Icelandic Fox by Robin Orrow


2nd Red Deer Stag by Sandi Jardine

3rd A fisheye View by Jan Murphy


Highly Commended: Impressions of the Forum by Sue Baldwin


Highly Commended: Little Blue Heron with its Prey by Dawn Osborn

Commended: Cromer Hot Rod by Roy Scrivener



1st Male and Female Little Owls by Sandi Jardine

2nd Flesh Fly by Geoff Lingwood

3rd Bow Fiddle Rock by Roy Scrivener

Highly Commended: Magnolia Bloom by Francesca Shearcroft

Highly Commended: Kicking Up Dirt by Carol Martin

Highly Commended: Little Owl about to land by Dawn Osborn

Highly Commended: Nose to Nose by Robin Orrow

Highly Commended: Mountain Hare by Lyn Ibbitson-Elks

Commended: Elderly Village Lady by Jan Murphy



Tuesday 18 June 2024

Tuesday 11th – Carnivores of the Serengeti , an illustrated talk by Bob Johnson

 It was pleasure to welcome Bob Johnson back to WDPC again. Not all of us are able to travel as much as we would like so to listen to Bob's talk, so ably  illustrated by amazing images, was a real treat. Some quite gruesome photos but then that is the real world in the bush.

Bob started his talk by saying how he got into photography and what gear he used.  He continued by showing us many leopard /cheetah images and in the second half we were shown some beautiful lion pictures.

Bob runs his own tours to Tanzania as well as guiding for a commercial organisation. Sadly his next tour is not till 2025 and is, I think, almost full.

Thanks Bob for a great evening.

Monday 10 June 2024

Bressingham Gardens and Steam Event – Sunday 9th June

A small but select few met  at Bressingham Steam Museum on a day of mixed weather, although fortunately we had left by the time the rains came. After a wander around the many steaming engines displayed and watching the gallopers we turned our lenses towards the garden.

Many of the beds were in impeccable condition with no signs of weeds, beautiful trimmed edges and with colourful displays. Some ventured down to Foggy Bottom and were rewarded with some pond life, whilst  others spent more time in the garden. The wind gusts proved challenging but hopefully everyone managed to get some pleasing photos. We convened at the cafe for lunch together before going our separate ways. Thanks to Pam Rutty for organising the day.

A wide range of images were captured as shown below.

All in a Spin by Sue Baldwin
Bressingham Gardens by Rachael Trivett

Four Funnels by Diana Graham

Emerging Frog by Pam Rutty

Spiky Defences by Francesca Shearcroft
Thick-legged Beetle on Geranium by Diana Graham

Engine Maintenance by Pam Rutty

Foggy Bottom by Rachael Trivett

Concentrating on the Job by Sue Baldwin

Steel Giant by Pam Rutty

Damsel Fly by Francesca Shearcroft

Foggy Bottom 2 by Rachael Trivett

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Tuesday 4th June: Mono Moods by Colin Jarvis

 It was a pleasure to welcome Colin from Preston to our evening meeting in Norfolk....thank goodness for Zoom.

Colin showed us many long exposure images which instilled a sense of calm. He runs many workshops and in the first half many of the images in his presentation captured the NW coastline of the UK. To us in Norfolk this made a refreshing change.

In the second half Colin travelled around little more with his photos, however he did explain how he captured these images and also gave some editing tips.

Maybe several of our members will now want to head north in the UK to capture some of these lesser well know places.