Wednesday 10 December 2014

Tuesday 9th December - WDPC Christmas dinner at Brown's Kitchen

Fortunately for us, one of our own members is restauranteur Mark Clayton who provided us with an excellent Christmas dinner at his restaurant Brown's Kitchen in Mundford.

We were looked after extremely well by Mark and his team who ensured everything ran like clockwork.  Well done Mark for providing us with a suburb meal in lovely surroundings.  Judging from the following images it looked like everyone enjoyed the evening.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Tuesday 2nd December - Jim and Fred Price 'Difference between Club photos and Exhibition photos'

Thanks to Jim and Fred Price from The Beyond Group we had a lively, entertaining meeting last night.  They spoke with much experience on ‘The Difference between a Camera Club picture and an Exhibition Picture’ - Jim has amassed over 1250 acceptances in exhibitions and Fred is up to 1100.

To begin, they explained various photographic organisations and the awards and qualifications they offer.  We saw medals they had been awarded and the many exhibition books containing accepted work at national and international exhibitions.  They demonstrated the differences between judges scoring at Club competitions and the approach used by exhibition selectors, by showing several prints.  Some had been successful at Club level but not at exhibitions, for other prints, the opposite was true.

After the break, we had a chance to see the exhibition selection process in action.  Two sets of three ‘selectors’ viewed over 30 prints and scored them (out of 5).  Each print was on the stand for a matter of seconds.  Our gold medal winners and our selectors’ favourites tended to be those that made an instant impact through lighting, subject matter, composition, message etc.

If you would like to see more work by Jim and Fred, check out their websites and

Here are links to other organisations they mentioned:
British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE)
The Photographic Society of America (PSA)
International Federation of Photography Art (FIAP)
The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) 

Jim and Fred Price ask for a donation to the Help for Heroes charity instead of a fee.  From Club funds we donated £100 and a collection on the night raised a further £82.44 for the charity.

Monday 1 December 2014

Sunday 30th November - WWT Welney

A foggy start soon made way for glorious sunshine and, once we had all assembled in the car park, we made our way into the centre - some of us discovered that the marvellous facilities also included jumbo sized bacon rolls!

Wellie boots were the order of the day as several of the hides were already a few inches deep in water including the water level photographic studio. We took it in turns to try and get some shots of the many swans and ducks that were literally 'in your face'.  Others made their way to the hides around the centre to try and capture that special shot.

The weather clouded over in the afternoon but, sadly, no dramatic sunset for the swan feed.

Some of our images are shown below: 

Vintage Wall Art by Sue Baldwin

Trying to Take off by Diana Graham

Dribbler by Graham Jackson

Welney Sunlight by Christine Alcock

Female Stonechat by Caroline Tillett

Evening Glow by Francesca Shearcroft

Double Reflection Duck by Jan Murphy

Wellies Required by Andy Caws

A Tender Moment by Di Jackson