Wednesday 24 February 2021

23rd February 2021 - Competition: Theme - Nature

We welcomed Sue Wilson DPAGB from Clay Cross Photographic Society to our competition.  Sue had a total of 82 Nature images to view, comment on and finally to award points to in her capacity as judge for the evening. There were over 40 club members keenly watching and enjoying some fabulous nature images.  

Many thanks Sue.

Some of the high scoring images can be seen below:


AFRICAN VULTURE by Les Thwaites 20/20

AVOCET by Daphne Lingwood 20/20

BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY by Maureen Campbell 19/20

SAFE IN MUMS ARMS by Les Thwaites 18/20

SILVER WASHED FRITILLARY by Maureen Campbell 18/20

Members Advanced:

FEMALE KEELED SKIMMER by Christine Frost 20/20

PIED KINGFISHER LANDING by Roy Scrivener 20/20


BEARDED TIT IN FLIGHT by Nick Akers 19/20

BLACK WINGED STILTS by Di Jackson 19/20

IMMATURE GANNET by Nick Akers 19/20

STARLING FEED by Graham Frost 19/20

AFRICAN FISH EAGLE by Roy Scrivener 18/20


FOLLOW ME by Donna Smith 18/20

POPLAR HAWK MOTH by Diana Graham 18/20

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Monday 8th February 2021 – "Nature and Wildlife" by Victoria Hillman

Despite the change of night there was extremely good support for Victoria's presentation. Clearly split into two halves where she initially showed some of her images  and what considerations she made when taking then. Many were of an artistic style as opposed to straight wildlife images. Some were black and white silhouettes. They ranged from small insects, grasshoppers, to large mammals, elephants, and all manor of subjects in-between.  Many were taken within a short distance of her home in Somerset.

After the break Victoria considered how to take multiple exposures, the value of a mini project, the post processing she uses and consideration of how or when to review your images. All illustrated with some of her images. Additionally because of the cold weather and more to come we were treated to some of her frozen bubble images.

A lot covered in a very enjoyable presentation style. Only a shame that lockdown and the snow prohibited a workshop on the day before or after her talk!!

Victoria's web site details some of the workshops, cards and books that she has available.

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Tuesday 2nd February 2020 "Landscape Made Simple" by Slawek

 Again we were able to invite along a speaker to our Norfolk based club who would not normally travel up to us for an evening as he is based near Brighton, Sussex. Slawek showed us some lovely landscape images, many from the South Downs, and he spent most of the first half talking about light. After all Photography is sometimes defined as "painting with light", so this seemed sensible. 

He explained about shadows and where the light needs to be  and at what time of day, mainly early morning at sunrise!! In the second half he shared some pictures taken at the other end of the day, "the blue hour". He shared his philosophy for taking a photo and how he composed it and the thought processes he used. 

Many members found it really helpful and were appreciative of his insights.

His work may be viewed on his web site here.

Thanks Slawek for coming along to WDPC, via Zoom.