Friday 25 October 2019

Tuesday 22 October - Round 1 Digital competition (Open)

This was the first competition of the season and we kicked off with a Digital Open competition tonight which was very well supported.  There were 24 entries in the Members class and 54 in Members Advanced.  We welcomed back EAF judge Andy Swain from Norwich who had the tricky task of assessing and scoring the 78 images.  Early on he paused to check that he was judging the Members class as the standard was so good!

Andy was generous with his 20s awarding four in Members class and nine in Members Advanced.  Other images would have got higher marks if only we'd checked more carefully for distractions in the backgrounds or around the edges.

You can see the high scoring images below.

Scoring 20 out of 20 in Members class were:

CONTEMPLATING by Stephen Gregory

EMERALD DAMSELFLY by Maureen Campbell

CALM WATERS by Stephen Gregory

MOTHER AND CHILD by Georgie McCall

Scoring 19 out of 20 in Members class:


Scoring 20 out of 20 in Members Advanced class were:



ON A MISSION by Nick Akers

LANG CO LAGOON by Jan Murphy

HAND OFF by Andy Caws


NIGHT STALKER by Robin Orrow

KNOCK FOR KNOCK by Christine Frost

SWALLOW by Geoff Lingwood

Scoring 19 out of 20 in Members Advanced class were:

RELEASE AND RELOAD by Caroline Tillett

POWER ON by Mick Ladner


PRICKLY LOCUST by Kim Scrivener

INTO THE CORNER by Mick Ladner

Monday 14 October 2019

Suffolk Whole Hog - Sunday 13th October 2019

Obviously the weather forecast and recent persistent rain must have deterred some of our members as only 5 brave souls ventured out for this annual charity event.  Well, as it turned out it didn't rain during the whole event and, apart from lying on damp, muddy ground we didn't get wet!

The event was very well supported as usual with hundreds of competitors turning out to run, clamber, slide, hang and submerge themselves in, over or through the 30+ obstacles over the 5 or 10kms courses.  Some were obviously fitter than others but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Some of our images can be seen below:

by Tony Smith

by Di Jackson

by Donna Smith

by Andy Caws

by Caroline Tillett

by Di Jackson

by Tony Smith

by Caroline Tillett

by Donna Smith

by Andy Caws

by Di Jackson

by Donna Smith

by Tony Smith

by Andy Caws

Thursday 10 October 2019

Tuesday 8 October - Peter Milsom "The Power of Sport"

There was a good turnout of club members and visitors to hear Peter Milsom talk about his successful sports photographs.  Over the years Peter has photographed a range of sports and he showed us examples from track and field athletics, para athletics, canoe slalom, jet ski and motocross.  With each image Peter pointed out the factors which helped to create impact.  Very often this included dramatic weather - how often do we hear this?

We should all remember Peter's guiding mantra "effort, drama and emotion".

Thursday 3 October 2019

Tuesday 1st October – Visit to Norwich

Despite the weather forecast, and the heavy rain en route to Norwich, 9 intrepid members met at the Forum to take some low light pictures. Having debated whether to eat or shoot first, we booked a table at the Cosy Club and then went shooting to reconvene later for refreshments. 
The rain actually stopped and within an hour or so the pavements were dry so reflections had also vanished!!
We split into smaller groups and wandered round the centre of town. Despite Elm Hill being shrouded in scaffolding everyone managed to find other areas worthy of shooting. A good time was had by all.
Some of the images are shown below.

Cobbled Lane at Night in Norwich by Jan Murphy

Barber Shop by Jack Mitchell

Salon Sixty Six by Diana Graham

Norwich Cathedral by Jack Mitchell

Bedford Street by Christine Alcock

Light Trails by Francesca Shearcroft

Norwich Nightlife by Andy Caws
St Peter Mancroft by Jan Murphy

St Ethelbert's by Jack Mitchell