Wednesday 8 May 2019

Tuesday 7th May - Jayne Odell 'The Monochrome Effect'

Club members were pleased to welcome back Jayne Odell ARPS to see her latest photography projects and hear the stories behind them.  After referencing the photographers who have inspired her, Jayne showed some of her most successful colour images.  Moving on to the monochrome images, we could appreciate the difference between Jayne's early work and later images which featured more graphic, atmospheric images.

Jayne gave us some good tips on planning for shoots as well as sharing lots of information on the locations and timing of her landscape, seascape and equine photos.  Many of the photos we saw were taken locally, so we have no excuses - we just need to get up early and get out there (says she looking out the window at heavy rain and thinking I'll have another cup of coffee)!

If you would like more inspiration, you can take another look at Jayne's work here

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