Wednesday 29 May 2024

Tuesday 28th May – print competition: Them Architecture. Judge Alan Sarsby

It was pleasure to welcome Alan back to the club to judge our final print competition of the season.

He explained his judging system and  how he awarded marks based on threee principals. he then referred to these as he went through the images. He also frequently suggested that the images could benefit from using the Tone Curve is editing software. 

There were 30 images spread across three classes. The top scoring images are shown below.  

Abandoned Armenian Church 20 by Diana Graham

Harper, Reykjavik 20 by Roy Scrivener

Not much of a View 20 By Carol Martin

Shades of Blue 20 by Carol Martin

Marina Bay Hands Hotel 19 by Diana Graham

The Chancel, Lutheran Church of Hallbrimsur 19 by Dawn Osborn

The Dancing House, Prague 19 by Jan Murphy

Scissor Arch at Wells Cathedral 19 by Francesca Shearcroft

Valencia Detail 19 by Francesca Shearcroft

Hallgrims Kirk Reykjavik 18 by Dawn Osborn

Planet Bury St Edmunds 18 by Jack Mitchell

The Curves of Yes Island 18 by Jack Mitchell

Sweet Sixteen 20 by Andrew Stringer

Inside Ely Cathedral 20 by Pam Rutty

Early Evening in the Forum 19 by Sue Baldwin

Friday 24 May 2024

Tuesday 21st May – Club outing to Strumpshaw Fen.

Nine members met up at Strumpshaw Fen, where the weather, chilly at first, soon picked up and it wasn’t long before we were shedding layers.

Birds seen from the Fen Hide, included Marsh Harrier, Cuckoo, Heron and even a Bittern. Beardies were heard everywhere, but spotting them, so low in the reeds, was tricky.

Insect numbers are rising and Rachael and Robin made us extremely jealous by getting shots of the one and only Swallow Tail to put in an appearance.

A convivial picnic lunch, with plenty of banter, was enjoyed outside in the sun. 

Here are some of the day’s images.

Swallow Tail  by Rachael Trivett

Swallowtail 2 by Rachael Trivett

Cuckoo by Rachael Trivett

Green Lizard by Diana Graham

Azure Damselfly by Jan Murphy

Banded Demoiselle by Jan Murphy

Buttercup Path by Christine Alcock

Cuckoo by Robin Orrow

Scarce Chaser by Maureen Cambell

Grey Heron by John Laing

Heron on the move by Jack Mitchell

Heron taking off by Jan Murphy

Northern Shoveler by John Laing

Orange Tip butterfly by Maureen Cambell

Reed Bunting by John Laing

Reed Warbler by Jack Mitchell

Swallowtail Butterfly by Robin Orrow

Tangled web and seeds by Christine Alcock

Variable Damselfly by Christine Alcock

Bee on Lily by Diana Graham

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Tuesday 14th May – Presentation of her work by Dawn Osborn, ERPS, EFIAP (Bronze)

It is always good to be able to welcome a club member as a speaker. So this evening we welcomed Dawn Osborn who has varied photographic interests but her primary interest is Natural History and tonight she shared her passion for wildlife plus some of the experience and knowledge she has picked up along her journey.

Dawn began her presentation by taking us to North America, highlighting the stunning & varied landscapes to be found in the American National Parks, including Bryce Canyon and Zion Park amongst many others.  We were then brought back to the UK and a selection of flora and fauna that we might be able to capture here in East Anglia, if not in our own back gardens, including a wide selection of moths.  Finally, she presented a selection of wildlife images from various parts of the world, from bison to penguins, all taken in their natural habitat.


Wednesday 8 May 2024

Tuesday 7th May – Practical Session

Many members had requested some hand on practical sessions so we set up two indoor table tops for macro, a  third with tethering and focus stacking and outside we did some light painting and ICM. In addition Trevor kindly set up a small work station to explain the exposure triangle.

We appreciated some help from Susan Hall for the light painting and some of the images created were good. Focus stacking worked well and after the coffee break the light painting worked really well. The general consensus was that the evening had been fun, and that members had had a chance to try things which were new to them.

Thanks to all those members who came along to support and those who helped others who were not so familiar with the various techniques.

Light-painting by Tom Thurston

Macro by Tom Thurston

Woodland at Wells Cole by Francesca Shearcroft

Cannot tell the time by Graham Jackson