Tuesday 17 December 2013

Letter of thanks from RSPB

Club members and guests at our Christmas dinner donated £138 to support the RSPB reserves that suffered so much damage in the storms a few weeks ago.  This amount was matched by Naturediet Pet Foods Ltd so a total of £270 was donated. We have just received this letter of thanks from Dr Mike Clarke, RSPB Chief Executive.

Let's hope the habitats and the wildlife make a good recovery.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Tuesday 3rd December - Focus On ... Getting Creative

We had 37 entries in our Focus On … Getting Creative session.  It should have been 39 because Tim Leonard sent in two images which unfortunately I managed to overlook and we didn’t get to see them last night.  I’ve included them here so we finally get to see them - sorry Tim.

We saw imaginative results achieved in a variety of ways.  I know several people have learnt a little more about PS Elements and other editing software while working on their images.  Congratulations to Heather whose two images 'Twist & Turn' and 'Petals' were voted 1st and 2nd favourite images on the night.  And well done Caroline in 3rd place with 'Inner World'.  These and a few other favourites can be seen here.

Andy Caws

Twist And Turn by Heather Ryder

Petals by Heather Ryder

Inner World by Caroline Tillett

Popeye by Andy Caws

What! by John Ward

My Best Friend by Jan Murphy

Swirling by Sarah Pymer

It's All In The Eyes by Caroline Tillett

Wingbeats by Robin Orrow

City Silhouette by Diana Daniels

Ghostly Mallards by Tom Thurston

Fun On The Rope Swing by Tim Leonard

Give Me A Kiss by Tim Leonard