Wednesday 26 August 2020

Tuesday 25th August – a talk by Ross Mckelvey

One advantage of the lockdown situation is that you can have speakers from much further afield to come along and deliver a presentation via Zoom. So this week we were treated to the images of Ross Mckelvey, MPAGB, MFIAP, FIPF, EFIAP/p and FBPE, who comes from Belfast.
Although his focus is mainly on portraits Ross shared a number of images from other genres  and included in his presentation many hints on tips on a variety of photographic topics. 
In the second half Ross focussed on editing and using Photoshop and Nik, demonstrated how to process a number of the images he had previously shared. 
In addition to Ross we welcomed along Margaret Salisbury from Fotospeed who helpfully answered some questions about paper choice.
Some of Ross's images can be seen on his website:
In addition Ross has a YouTube channel
where there are many helpful tutorials.

Sunday 16 August 2020

Tuesday 11th August – "Tales of a Riverbank" by Jenny Hibbert, MPAGB, EFIAP/s, AWPF

One advantage of Zoom meetings is that you can invite speakers from beyond the normal travelling distance, so WDPC, based in Norfolk, were delighted to welcome Jenny Hibbert, from S Wales, to give her presentation about the riverbank.
Jenny was very enthusiastic about all the birds and mammals that could be found along the river bank  family close to home. Dippers were a firm favourite but in the second half we were treated to some award winning images of voles and others amongst other creatures.
It was obvious that Jenny had researched her animal/bird behaviour and knew when and where she would find the images she was after, frequently getting wet and lying on muddy banks till she got the shot.
Many members were really inspired by her photography and were keen to seek out some dippers when in a suitable location!

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Tuesday 28th July – Zoom presentation by Glenys Garnett

We were delighted to welcome Glenys Garnett to give a Zoom presentation this evening, entitled "Developing a Creative Approach".Glenys suggested ways of developing a creative mindset, how to overcome barriers to being creative and some ideas on using projects to develop creativity. She then showed a couple of her projects to give examples of how she has  used this approach to her own work. Virtually all of Glenys images were taken in camera, with minimal editing, and  using a variety of techniques.Still emerging slowly from lockdown many members needed some inspiration to get their cameras out and Glenys certainly provided lots of inspiration, lots of tools and many different ways to approach taking images.
To see some of Glenys images please check out her website: