Wednesday 29 April 2015

Tuesday 28th April Round 3 Print Competition - Natural History

Another enjoyable evening looking at 56 Natural History prints shown to their best advantage on our upgraded print stand (thanks, Robin).  Our EAF judge was David Hodgson (DPAGB, BPE2*) from Wisbech who carefully studied each image and offered tips before giving a score.  

The theme 'Natural History' encompasses a wide range of subjects and the examples we saw last night covered fungi, insects, birds, flowers, trees, mammals, weather elements, butterflies and more.  Well done to everyone who entered a print and special congratulations to those whose images scored 19 or 20 and are reproduced below.  Very well done Robin for achieving two 20s.

OSPREY by Robin Orrow (20/20)

RED SQUIRREL by Robin Orrow (20/20)

FIRERUG INKCAP by Marnie Ball (20/20)

GANNET LANDING by Di Daniels (20/20)

COMMON REDSHANK by Marnie Ball (19/20)

RUTTING STAGS by Kim Scrivener (19/20)

A TOUCH OF FROST by Sarah Pymer (19/20)

FLESH FLY by Dave Angood (19/20)

MARBLED GODWIT by Andy Caws (19/20)

Tuesday 14th April Jim Hartje - Foto Fusion

Two years ago Jim presented his 'Fine Art or Creative Expression' session and tonight's 'Foto Fusion' picked up where he left off.  He showed several step-by-step editing sequences taking us from RAW file to final creative image.  Along the way, Jim shared tips and encouraged us to explore features such as realistic sky gradients and creative brushes.  I know his ideas sparked the imagination of many club members.

We'll be watching out for 'trickery' in our future club competitions!

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Sunday 5th April 2015 - British Motocross Championship at Lyng

Cadders Hill at Lyng provides an extremely challenging course with some spectacular hills and many twists and turns to be negotiated which can result in some fantastic opportunities for great action shots.
The action started at 9.30am with the practice qualifying rounds which gave everyone an opportunity to get a good idea of what was to come. Racing was fast and furious and everyone tried out different techniques such as panning rather than just going for the 'pin sharp' shot.

See some of our images below for the results of our efforts:

Catching Air by Sarah Pymer

Number 11 by Caroline Tillett

Don't Run Me Over by Sarah Pymer

Impressionism by Keith Mountford

Phone Home by Roy Scrivener

In a Tangle by Keith Mountford

The Race is On by Roy Scrivener

Doing Wheelies by Di Jackson