Club Meetings 2017-2018

Tuesday evenings (7:30pm) at Saham Toney Village Hall 
(Wells Cole Community Centre), Saham Toney

September 2017

12th Welcome Back + slide shows from club members.
26th Summer Challenge
Judges: David Turner, Bill Pound and Mark Bunning

October 2017

3rd Results of Summer Challenge 
Followed by "It's Open to Interpretation"

10th * External Speaker – David Steel, DPAGB. "People Pictures". Visitors £8 - please contact for information

24th Digital Competition Round 1 – Open

Judge: David Saunders CPGAB

November 2017

7th Focus on – People
14th * External Speaker – Roger Hance, FRPS. "Not Everything is Black & White". Visitors £8 - please contact for information
28th Print Competition Round 1 – Open
Judge: Andy Wilson, LRPS

December 2017

5th * External Speaker – Ruth Grindrod. "My photographic Journey". Visitors£8 - please contact for more information.

12th Christmas Dinner

January 2018

9th Members Evening – "My Kind of Pictures"

23rd Digital Competition Round 2 Monochrome

Judge: Rex Makemson

February 2018

6th * External Speaker – Sarah Kelman, DPAGB, ARPS. "Ten Thousand Miles of Ocean". Visitors £8 - please contact for more information.
13th Focus On Food
27th Print competition Round 2 – Macro/Close-up.Judge: Howard King

March 2018

6th * Justin Minns, LRPS. "A Learning Curve", My journey in how to take better landscapes. Visitors £8  - please contact for more information.

20th Practical Demo – Various Workstations

27th Digital Competition Round 3 – Nature 

Judge: Derek Leake, DPAGB, MPAGB, BPE3*

April 2018

3rd * External Speaker – Roy Essery, DPAGB, MPAGB. Visitors £8 - please contact for more information.

10th Members Informal Critique Evening

24th Print Competition Round 3 – Scapes

Judge: Nick Akers, LRPS

May 2018

1st  "Insight into Judging" – Paul Radden, LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b, PSA2*

8th * External Speaker – Ann Miles, FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB, FBPE3. "A Passion for Nature".  Visitors £8 - please contact for more information. 

22nd Monochrome Conversion by Ian Wilson 

June 2018

5th Focus on – Animal Magic

12th Out and About

26th Image of the Year – Digital and Print

Judge: Robert Good

July 2018

3rd * External Speaker – Claire Carter, "Perpetually in Motion"  Visitors £8 - please contact for more information.

10th AGM and Presentation of Awards. Slide shows of Members Images from the year.
Social - drinks and nibbles.

Club meetings 2016-2017
Tuesday evenings (7:30pm) at Saham Toney Village Hall (Wells Cole Community Centre), Saham Tone
September 2016
13th Welcome back + selected images from a National Exhibition.
27th * Graham Heywood, EFIAP/p,"Imaginations' Visitors £8
October 2016
4th Phototrek Challenge – Judges Bill Pound, Dave Turner, Cindy Petersen
11th Phototrek Challenge – The Results. Followed by 'An Introduction to Infrared Photography' by Jack Mitchell.
25th Digital Competition Round 1 – Open. Judge Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB
November 2016
1st * Kevin Sawford. "20 Nature Projects Throughout the Year" Visitors £8 
8th Practical Session Using Flash – Robin Orrow.
22nd Print Competition Round 1 - Judge Frank Blyth
December 2016
6th Focus On: Using Flash.
13th Christmas Dinner at The Windmill, Necton.
January 2017
10th * Malcolm Bumstead, BPE2*, DPAGB. “The Creative Side of Me”.  Visitors £8 
24th Digital competition Round 2 – A Sporting Life.  Judge: Nick Akers, LRPS.
February 2017
7th Exploring NIK and other interesting new software with Robin Orrow
14 * Roy Essery, DPAGB, MPAGB.  “My Photographic Journey - straight, turns and very nearly an abrupt dead end”.  Visitors £8 
28th Print competition Round 2 – Botanical.  Judge: David Jordan, FRPS.
March 2017
7th Table top Workshop Macro and Still Life with Elaine Stubbings 
and Bob Darts 
14th New Kids on the Block: Exploring Other Software with Robin Orrow
28th Digital competition Round 3 – Past its Prime.  Judge: Sarah Kelman, ARPS, DPAGB.
April 2017
4th Focus On: Table Top Macro and Still Life
18th A basic introduction to composite images with small group
demonstrations using textures, blending, masks, layers and other techniques.
25th Print competition Round 3 – Seashore.  Judge: Mike Cowling.
May 2017
2nd Out and About - An Image every 5 minutes and
refresher on how to make a panel.
9th * Gianpiero Ferrari, FRPS, DPAGB, EBPE, AFIAP.  “One Year of Wildlife”.  Visitors £8 
23rd Creative Editing Techniques with Elaine Stubbings and Bob Darts
June 2017
6th Focus On: A Panel from An Image every 5 minutes.
13th * Jon Martin, FBPE, FIAP Gold.  “A Bit of Everything”.  Visitors £8 
27th Image of the Year – digital and print.  Judge: Paul Radden
July 2017
4th * Hugh Milsom & Pat Broad "Mainly Landscapes". Visitors £8 -
11th AGM and presentation of awards. Members’ images from the year.
Social - drinks and nibbles.

Club meetings 2015-2016
September 2015 
8th Welcome back + EAF 2015 exhibition of PDIs
22nd Phototrek Challenge – Judges: David Turner, Cindy Peterson, Robert Hubbard

October 2015 
6th Speaker: 'My Passion for Photography', Will Cheung FRPS.  Visitors £8.
13th Phototrek Challenge - The Results + 'Preparing images
 for competitions', Robin Orrow
27th Digital Competition Round 1 - Open.  Judge: Frank Blyth

November 2015
3rd Demo/workshop 'High-speed photography', Robert Hubbard
10th Speaker: 'Wildlife Hunting with a Camera', Richard Revels FRPS.  Visitors £8.
24th Print Competition Round 1 - Open.  Judge: David Saunders

December 2015
1st Out and About
8th Christmas Dinner at The Windmill, Necton

January 2016
5th CD evening - EAF PDI Championship & PAGB GB cup
12th Speaker: 'The Prints and the Paper', Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB.  Visitors £8.
26th Digital Competition Round 2 - Landscape/seascape.  Judge: David Hodgson DPAGB BPE2*

February 2016
2nd Fun Focus On ... Valentines
9th Speaker: 'Night and Low Light Photography', Tony Worobiec FRPS.  Visitors £8.
23rd Print Competition Round 2 - Monochrome.  Judge: Adrian Stone

March 2016
1st Focus On ... Low light
8th Speaker: 'Close Up and Macro Nature Photography', Daniel Bridge.  Visitors £8.
22nd Digital Competition Round 3 - Nature.  Judge: David Tipling

April 2016
5th Lightroom post-processing workshop.  Ian Robinson.
12th    No Meeting
19th  Speaker: 'Street Photography', Dave Mason.
26th Print Competition Round 3 - Macro/close-up.  Judge: David Steel

May 2016
3rd Speaker: 'The Monochrome Effect', Jayne Odell ARPS.  Visitors £8.
10th Focus on ... Street Photography
24th Speaker: 'The Way to better Print Quality & Colour Management', Permajet.  Visitors £8.

June 2016
7th Speaker: 'The Digital Monochrome Print + demo', Andy Beel FRPS.  Visitors £8.
14th Ian Robinson - Lightroom/Photoshop post processing workshop
28th Image of the Year - Digital and Print.  Judge: Derek Leak DPAGB

July 2016
5th  Members’ evening - including feedback from Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
12th AGM and presentation of awards.

Season 2014-2015 meetings
September 2014 
9th Welcome back + RPS Creative Group 2014 exhibitions 
23rd Phototrek Challenge – Judges: Elaine Stubbings, 
 Stephen Olley and Chris Hollick

October 2014 
7th Camera Skills - Francesca Shearcroft - bring cameras
14th  Phototrek Challenge – The Results 
 Workshop: Monochrome conversion in Elements
28th Digital competition Round 1 – Open 
 Judge: Frank Blyth

November 2014 
4th Focus on: Monochrome 
11th 'Walking With Bears' - Robin Orrow
+ 2013 PAGB Nature and GB Cup DVD (if time)
25th Print competition Round 1 – Open 
 Judge: Alan Sarsby

December 2014 
2nd External speakers – Jim and Fred Price  
 ‘What is the difference between a Camera 
 Club picture and an Exhibition picture?’ 
9th Christmas Dinner at Browns, Mundford 

January 2015 
6th Introduction to Lightroom Part 1.  Bob Darts 

Change to programme 13th External speaker - Roger Hance, FRPS,BPE5* 
'How to present a panel of images' 

27th Digital competition Round 2 – Theme: Water 
 Judge: Adrian Stone

February 2015 
3rd TBA 

10th Introduction to Lightroom Part 2

24th Print competition Round 2 – Theme: Monochrome 
 Judge: Joy Hancock FRPS, MPAGP

March 2015 
3rd External speaker – Norfolk Photographer 
 David Tipling – Wildlife and Nature 

10th Inter-club competition return match with Brandon

24th Digital competition Round 3 – Theme: Action
 Judge: Brian Collins LRPS, CPAGB 

April 2015 
7th Tips on creating a panel of images 

14th External speaker – Jim Hartje ARPS, EFIAP, 
APAGB, DPAGB, BPE5 – ‘Foto Fusion’

28th Print competition Round 3 – Natural History 
 Judge: David Hodgson DPAGB, BPE2*

May 2015 
5th Focus On: Panel of Images 

12th Out and About

26th External speaker – Roger Hance FRPS, 
AFIAP,BPE5 - Sport and Action

June 2015 
2nd Workshop/Talk: Studio Lighting with Belinda Buxton

9th External speaker - Jane Goodall 'The Beautiful Light'

23rd Image of the Year – digital and print 
 Judge: Brian Collins LRPS, CPAGB

July 2015 
7th External speaker– Barbie Lindsay EFIAP/s MPAGB, 
 FBPE – 'Creative Photography'

14th AGM and presentation of awards 
Members’ images from the year 
 Social - drinks and nibbles 

August 2015 - no meetings. Relax, recover and 
get ready for another year of photography! 

Season 2013-2014 meetings
September 2013
10th Welcome back. + EAF exhibition portfolio (DVD) + Bring and Buy Photography Gear 
24th Photo Trek challenge
Judges:  David Blake, Chris Hollick and Elaine Stubbings 
October 2013
1st Basic Camera Skills - introduction Francesca Shearcroft + practical session
8th Photoshop Elements 11 - Basics for Beginners - presenters TBA
22nd Print competition Round 1 - Open  
Judge: Alan Sarsby
November 2013
5th Photoshop Elements 11 - Next Steps / Q&A - Presenter TBA
12th Creative Workshop - Adrian Stone
26th Digital competition Round 1 - Open  
Judge: Andy Wilson
December 2013
3rd Focus On … Getting Creative
10th Christmas Dinner at Broom Hall Country Hotel
January 2014
7th RPS Nature Group Annual Exhibition - DVD
14th Scratching the Surface of Adobe Lightroom - Francesca Shearcroft, Christine Alcock, Di Daniels
Sat 18th Cambridge Camera Club Interclub Competition, Whittlesford Village Hall, 13:30
28th Print competition Round 2 - Theme: Landscape.   
Judge: Wes Gibbon
February 2014
4th Exposure Blending and Focus Blending - Robin Orrow
11th Guest speaker Dr Kevin Elsby - Norfolk’s wonderful wildlife’
25th Digital competition Round 2 - Theme Natural History
Judge: Jonathan Lewis
March 2014
4th My Kind of Photos - 4-5 club members share their photos
11th  Guest speaker Tony Worobiec - The Art Of Composition
Wed 19th External Competition - At Brandon
25th Print competition Round 3 - Theme: Close up / Macro
Judge: Nigel Rea ARPS
April 2014

1st Focus On … Depth of Field

8th Guest speaker Chris Weston (Animals On The Edge) Wildlife and Nature Photography

22nd Fun Print Competition - Images inspired by music

May 2014

6th ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ - Robin Orrow

13th      Practical sessions in 2 groups.  Bring cameras etc & manuals.
For more experienced - more on Focus Stacking
For less experienced - getting to grips with your camera settings

27th Digital competition Round 3 - Theme: People.  

Judge: Frank Blyth

June 2014

3rd Focus On … Spring

10th 'What Ann Did Next' - Ann Miles FRPS EFIAP MPAGB

24th Image of the Year - digital and print

Judge: Adrian Stone

July 2014

1st Out and About in Norwich
8th AGM and presentation of awards.  Members’ images from the year.

Social - drinks and nibbles 
August 2014 - no meetings.  Relax, recover and get ready for another year of photography!
Season 2012-2013 meetings

September 2012 
11th - Welcome back.  Focus on … ‘Summer Images’.
25th - Digital competition - Round 1 - Open.
Judge:  Angela Adams DAPGB, BPE3*, AFIAP, LSWPP
October 2012
2nd - Photoshop Elements - Getting Started.
9th - ‘Photographing cats, dogs and other animals - your questions answered’ 
Presenter Martin Fry, a local professional photographer who 
specialises in animal photography.
23rd - Print competition - Round 1 - Open.
Judge:  Jeff White
November 2012
6th - Photoshop Elements - Next Steps and general editing Q & A
13th - Bird Photography  
Presenter: Melvin Holmes 
27th - Digital competition - Round 2 - Natural History
Judge:  Adrian Stone
December 2012
4th - Christmas Dinner at Broom Hall Country Hotel
11th - Creating monochrome images  
Presenter: David Ryland
18th - Focus on ... Autumn
January 2013
8th - Tips for Close up and Macro photography  
Presenter: Robin Orrow
22nd - Print competition - Round 2 - Monochrome Open
Judge:  Joy Hancock FRPS, MPAGB

February 2013

5th - Portrait photography (bring cameras).
Presenter: David Blake
12th - Artistic photography or photographic art?  
Presenter: Francesca Shearcroft 
26th - Fun print competition - create a print which reflects a book or film title.  
Members vote for favourite.

March 2013

5th - Close up and Macro Practical Session (bring cameras)
12th - My kind of photos.  
Presenters: 3-4 club members 
26th - Digital competition - Round 3 - Shadows/reflections
Judge:  Bob Darts

April 2013

2nd - Focus on … ‘Artistic images’
9th - Refresher sessions - top tips for … 
23rd - Print competition - Round 3 - Action
Judge: Andy Wilson

May 2013

7th - Focus on … Close up and Macro
14th - Photoshop hints, tips and tricks  

Presenter: David Blake + others

28th - ‘Wildlife photography for everyone’

Presenter Dr Kevin Elsby FRPS, DPAGB, AFIAP

June 2013

4th - ‘My Photography - Fine Art or Creative Expression?’ 

Presenter: Jim Hartje,ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB, APAGB 

11th - Out and about with our cameras.  
Meet at Wells Cole CC, Saham Toney at 7:30. 
Don't forget your camera!!
25th - Image of the Year - digital and print

Judge: Frank Blythe

July 2013

2nd - Focus on … ‘People’

9th - AGM and presentation of awards.  Members’ images from the year.

Social - drinks and nibbles 
August 2013 - no meetings.  Relax, recover and get ready for another year of photography!

Season 2011-2012 meetings

September 2011
6th - Welcome Back, Members' summer images and tips on using Flickr
including adding images to WDPC group

13th - Tutorial, Getting your images ready for competitions

27th - Digital competition, Round 1 - Open
Judge: Joan Jordan

October 2011
4th - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 1 of 4
From camera to computer, first steps for editing your photos

11th - Tutorial, AudioVisual
Beginners' tips on creating AVs using 'Pictures to Exe' and Sound editing with 'Audacity'

25th - Print Competition, Round 1 - Open
Judge: Angela Adams

November 2011
1st - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 2 of 4
Enhance your images by adjusting colour, contrast, sharpness etc

8th - Camera Skills, Part 1: Achieving Correct Exposure

22nd - Re-scheduled Print Competition, Round 1 - Open
Judge: Angela Adams

December 2011
6th - Christmas Dinner, Broom Hall Country Hotel

13th - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 3 of 4
Further tips and tricks removing and adding features, special effects

20th - Design a Christmas Card
Fun print competition

January 2012
10th - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 4 of 4
Ask the experts - a chance to get answers to your questions

24th - Digital Competition, Round 2 - Natural History
Judge: Joy Hancock FRPS, MPAGB

February 2012
7th - Tutorial, Print resolution v Image size
How to get the best quality prints

14th - Camera skills (2).  Practical demo on 
“Photographing moving subjects” (David Blake).  
Bring your cameras & tripods.

28th - Print Competition, Round 2 - Low Light
Judge: Jeff White

March 2012
6th - Tutorial: 'Hyperfocal Distance and Depth of Field' (Robin Orrow).  
Bring your cameras.

13th - Talk by Brian Beaney FRPS
'Beyond the Moment of Capture'

27th - Match a Print, Internal Competition
Ladies v Gentlemen
Judge: David Saunders CPAGB

April 2012
3rd - Indoor 'Portrait Practical' including simple lighting & flash techniques (David Blake). 
Bring your cameras, tripods & flashguns.
(please don't worry if you don't have a flashgun)

10th - Presentation - Using Layers and Masks (Robin Orrow)

24th - Digital Competition, Round 3 - Patterns
Judge: David Jordan

May 2012
1st - Q & A sessions. Club experts will be on hand to answer your technical questions on using your cameras and associated equipment, photoshop editing and general "how to..." questions

8th - An evening with Mike & Joy
a lecture, with prints, by Mike & Joy Hancock

22nd - Print Competition, Round 3 - Heritage
Judge: David Hodgson DPAGB

June 2012
5th - Bank Holiday, no meeting

12th - Tricks of the Trade - a lighthearted evening with 
professional photographers Bill Pound and David Blake.  
They will share a few tips (and hopefully a few laughs) 
about how their images are captured and edited.

26th - Members' AV show and fun competition
Members to vote for favourite

July 2012
3rd - PAGB Recorded lecture 'Ideas about the ART of PHOTOGRAPHY' 
by George Pollock Hon. FRPS, MPAGB, EFIAP, FBIPP

To replace the cancelled talk by Barbie & Rusty Lindsay EFIAP MPAGB
'The Exhibitionists'

10th - Image of the Year, Digital & Print
Judge: Daphne Hanson

24th - AGM and presentation of awards
Members' images from the year.
Social, drinks and nibbles.