2023-2024 programme

All meetings start at 7.30pm

Our meetings this season continue to be a mix of meetings in the hall at Wells Cole and Zoom.  Details will be sent to members a few days before each meeting.

Visitors £4 - please email Francesca Shearcroft at in advance for further information.

Tuesday 5 September 2023 - Wells Cole
Welcome back.  Summer Challenge competition.

Tuesday 12 September - Zoom
Speaker: Martin Patten - How to Critique Your Own Images

Tuesday 26 September - Wells Cole
Speaker: Howard Denner - Twenty Feet from the Stars

Tuesday 3 October - Zoom
Speaker: Joe Houghton - How to Process a Nature Shoot in Lightroom and Topaz

Tuesday 10 October - Wells Cole
Presentation: Tim Jones, Fotospeed - Printing Images at Home

Tuesday 24 October - Wells Cole
COMPETITION - DIGITAL: Open. Judge Jane Barrett

Tuesday 7 November - Zoom
Simon Turnbull - Mindful Photography (slowing down for success)

Tuesday 14 November - Wells Cole
In-house: Editing - bring your own laptop & ask questions (or watch as others explore editing techniques)

Tuesday 28 November - Wells Cole
COMPETITION - PRINT: Open. Judge Naomi Saul

Wednesday 6 December - Bodham Village Hall, The Street, Bodham NR25 6AD
3-way competition with North Norfolk and Kings Lynn

Tuesday 12 December - The Crown Great Ellingham
Christmas Dinner


Tuesday 9 January - Wells Cole
Speaker: Kevin Pigney - A Passion for Wildlife

Tuesday 23 January - Wells Cole
In house: Presentations by our Special Interest Groups

Tuesday 6 February - Zoom
Speaker: Chris Shepherd - Composition and Catastrophe

Tuesday 13 February - Wells Cole
In house: Critique our own images

Tuesday 27 February - Wells Cole
COMPETITION - DIGITAL: Landscapes. Judge Nick Akers

Tuesday 5 March - Zoom
Speaker: Richard O'Brien - Architecture: Exposure to Edit

Tuesday 12 March - Wells Cole

Tuesday 26 March - Wells Cole
COMPETITION - PRINT: Nature. Judge Wayne Davey

Tuesday 2 April - Zoom
Speaker: Justin Garner - Macro Photography

Tuesday 9 April - Wells Cole
Speaker: Ady Kerry - Omdenken - an interactive evening to make us think!

Tuesday 23 April - Wells Cole
COMPETITION - DIGITAL: Movement. Judge Andy Swain

Tuesday 7 May - Wells Cole
Out and About

Tuesday 14 May - Wells Cole
In house: Talk by Dawn Osborn 

Tuesday 28 May - Wells Cole
COMPETITION - PRINT: Architecture. Judge Alan Sarsby.

Tuesday 4 June - Zoom
Speaker: Colin Jarvis - Mono Moods

Tuesday 11 June - Wells Cole
Speaker: Bob Johnson - Carnivores of the Serengeti

Tuesday 25 June - Wells Cole
COMPETITION - Image of the Year. Judge Andy Wilson

Tuesday 2 July - Zoom
SpeakerKeith Snell – New York Boogie Woogie

Tuesday 9 July - Wells Cole
AGM and Social


Tuesday 6 September 2022 - Wells Cole
Welcome Back! Summer Challenge  Judge: Naomi Saul

Tuesday 13 September 2022 - Zoom
Speaker: Cherry Larcombe – Textures & Triptychs

Tuesday 27 September 2022 - Wells Cole
Workshop: Mark Peers – flash photography (with Steam Punk models)

Tuesday 4 October 2022 - Zoom
Speaker: Joe Houghton – Processing a Night Shoot

Tuesday 11 October 2022 - Wells Cole
Speaker: Steve Hedges – Macro & Garden Photography (TBC)

Tuesday 25 October 2022 - Wells Cole
COMPETITION – DIGITAL: Open – Judge: Stephen Milner

Tuesday 1 November 2022 - Zoom
Speaker: David Gilliver – Light Painting

Tuesday 8 November 2022 - Wells Cole
Workshop: Mick Ladner & Dan Self – Astrophotography

Tuesday 22 November 2022 - Wells Cole
COMPETITION – PRINT: Open Print – Judge: Wayne Davey

Tuesday 6 December 2022 - Zoom
Speaker: Antony Z – Long Exposure Photography

Tuesday 13 December 2022
Christmas Dinner

Tuesday 10 January 2023 - Wells Cole
Speaker: Colin Edwards – Introduction to Wildlife Photography

Tuesday 24 January 2023 - Wells Cole
Focus On: Triptychs
Question time:  Your questions answered (we hope!)

Tuesday 7 February 2023 - Zoom
Speaker: Tony Worobiec – Photographing Landscape Whatever the Weather

Tuesday 14 February 2023 - Wells Cole
Still Life Workshop: Table tops demos and practice

Tuesday 28 February 2023 - Wells Cole
COMPETITION – DIGITAL: Taken At Night (after sunset) – Judge: Andy Swain

Tuesday 7 March 2023 - Zoom
Speaker: Stan Farrow – Photo Art

Tuesday 14 March 2023 - Wells Cole
Speaker: Robin Orrow - All aspects of Nature Photography

Tuesday 28 March 2023 - Wells Cole
COMPETITION – PRINT: Scapes – Judge: David Steel

Tuesday 4 April 2023 - Zoom
Speaker: Colin Harrison – My Digital Adventure

Tuesday 11 April 2023 - Wells Cole
Workshop: creating composite images - in-house demos

Tuesday 25 April 2023 - Wells Cole
COMPETITION – DIGITAL: Nature – Judge: Nick Akers

Tuesday 2 May 2023 - Zoom
Speaker: Steve Williams – Street Photography (equipment, tips & the law)

Tuesday 9 May 2023
Night out in Norwich: street photography and more

Tuesday 30 May 2023 - Wells Cole
COMPETITION – PRINT: Street Photography – Judge: Tony Bramley (note date!)

Tuesday 6 June 2023 - Wells Cole
Speaker: Bob Johnson – The Kingdom of the Ice Bear

Tuesday 13 June 2023 - Wells Cole
Focus On: Composite (must include elements from at least two images)
Creating Contact sheets: get ready for summer challenge

Tuesday 27 June 2023 - Wells Cole
Image of the Year: Judge: David Steel

Tuesday 4 July 2023 - Zoom
Speaker: Mike Martin – Shooting People

Tuesday 11 July 2023 - Wells Cole
AGM and Social


Tuesday 7th September 
Presentation of Awards and Summer Challenge. 
Judge: Roy Essery MPAGB

Tuesday 14th September
Speaker: Phil Savoie  – "Up your Photography". Zoom  Visitors £5 Please contact for information 

Tuesday 28th September
Speaker: David Steele –  "My Type of Photography"
Visitors £8 Please contact for information 

Tuesday 5th October
Speaker: Joe Houghton –  "I didn't know you could do that in Lightroom"  Zoom  Visitors £5 Please contact for information 
Tuesday 12th October
Nick Akers & Friends –  "Back to Basics"  

Tuesday 26th October
Digital Competition – Open Colour: Judge - Ralph Duckett Zoom 

Tuesday 2nd November
Speaker: James Sparshott – "Capital Culture"  Visitors £8 Please contact for information

Tuesday 9th November
Speaker: David Sadler – "And Now for Something Completely Different" Zoom  Visitors £3 Please contact for information

Tuesday 23rd November
Digital Competition – Open Monochrome: Judge -Thomas Peck Zoom

Tuesday 7th December
Speaker: Robert Friel – "Going Mobile" Zoom Visitors £3 Please contact for information

Tuesday14th December
Christmas Dinner at Broom Hall Country Hotel


Tuesday 11th January
* Speaker: Paul Stanley, FIPF, EFIAP/g – "My Photography" Zoom
*Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 25th January
* Speaker: Ben Lumley  – Sports Photography. Zoom
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 1st February
Focus On: Images taken on a mobile phone Zoom

Tuesday 8th February 
* Speaker: Jayne Odell – "At the End of Our Garden". Zoom
* Visitors Please contact for information

Tuesday 22nd February
Competition: Digital –  Theme: People Zoom
Judge: Tony Bramley FRPS

Tuesday 1st March
* Ruth Grindrod – "Colour, Tones and Textures" Zoom
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 8th March 
* Speaker: Mark Sisson – "River and Sea"  Zoom
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 22nd March
Competition:  Digital Theme: Shadows/Reflections.
Judge: Rex Makemson

Tuesday 5th April
Macro Talk followed by workshop 

Tuesday 12th April
Speaker: Liz Cutting – "East Anglian Wild Life"
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 26th April
Competition: Digital – Theme: Scapes
Judge: David Steel

Tuesday 3rd May
Speaker: Justin Minns– "Interesting Stuff"
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 10th May
Speaker: David Garthwaite –" Fine Art - A workflow" – Zoom
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 24th May 
Competition: Digital –Theme: Nature
Judge: Daphne Hanson 

Tuesday 7th June
Focus on Macro:

Tuesday 14th June
Speaker: David Clapp – "Images with Impact" –Zoom
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 28th June
Image of the Year – Theme: Open –  Print & Digital
Judge: Andy Swain

Tuesday 5th July 
Speaker: Steve Le Provost – "A Feeling of Impressionism " Zoom
* Visitors  Please contact for information

Tuesday 12 July 
AGM and presentation of Awards

2019/2020 programme

Zoom Meetings all at 7.30pm, unless state otherwise

The joining details will be sent out to members prior to the meeting.
For any visitors, please email the Secretary at for details

Tuesday 14th July 
Les Forrester BA   photo, ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3*
 "My Vision, My Photography "

Tuesday 28th July

Glenys Garnett, "Developing a Creative Approach"

Tuesday 11th August
Jenny Hibbert, MPAGB, EFIAP/s, AWPF 
"Tales of the Riverbank"

Tuesday 25th August
An eclectic mix of images together with some photoshop techniques.

Tuesday 8th September
Polina Plotnikova FRPS, EFIAP,
Creative Flower Portraiture and Still life

Tuesday 22nd September 
Diane Seddon ARPS, AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE*3
"Odd Things"

Tuesday 6th October
Competition: Theme – Open Colour. 
Judge: Peter Wells, ARPS, CPAGB, BPE*3, EFIAP

Tuesday 13th October
Title tbc

Tuesday 27th October
Project based Approach to Photography

 Tuesday 3rd November 8.00pm
Guy Edwardes: "Seeing the Light" – 25 years of Nature & Landscape photography techniques.

Tuesday 17th November
Competition: Theme: – Open Monochrome
Judge: David Gibbins ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP/p, BPE5* 

Tuesday 24th November
Steve Lewis –"f32 and be early"

Tuesday 1st December
IƱaki Hernandez-Lasa FRPS, FIPF, AFIAP: Architectural Photography, in search of the genus loci" 

Tuesday 8th December
Rene de Heer: The Diaries of a nature photographer

Tuesday 15th December
Christmas Fun!!

Tuesday 12th January 2021
Robert, EFIAP/b, BPE*4 & Sharon Prenton-Jones, FIPF, ARPS, 
The Art of Composite Photography  

Tuesday 26th January 2021 
Competition: Theme – Movement 
Judge: Guy Davies, ARPS, EFIAP, EPSA

Tuesday 2nd February
Slawek: "Landscape Photography is Simple"
Tuesday 9th February 
Victoria Hillman: Nature and Wildlife.

Tuesday 23rd February
Competition: Theme – Nature
Judge: Susie Wilson

Tuesday 2nd March
Daniel Bridge:  Close up & Macro Photography. 

Tuesday 9th March
Astrid McGechan "Feel the Land – Photography and Emotion"

Tuesday 23rd March 
Competition: Theme – Scapes
Judge: Richard Houghton

Tuesday 6th April
Gareth Martin: AWPF, CPAGB  – "In the Making" 

Tuesday 13th April
James Kerwin – "Abandoned Places" 

Tuesday 27th April
Competition: Theme – Close-up/Macro
Judge: Leo Rich

Tuesday 4th May
Paul Saunders – Still Talk.
Paul was formerly the picture editor of the Times newspaper.

Tuesday 11th May
Mark Sisson – "White and Wild"

Tuesday 25th May
Sally Sallett: ARPS, CPAGB, AFIAP, BPE*3 – 
"Never Underestimate and Old Lady with a Camera"

Tuesday 1st June
Chris Upton: ARPS – "The way I see it"

Tuesday 8th June
Roger Hance: FRPS, AFIAP, BPE5*, DPAGB – "All the Gear and No Idea"

Tuesday 22nd June 
Competition: Image of the Year
Judge: Alison Jenkins

Tuesday 6th July

Club Meetings 2019 - 2020

September 2019
10th   Welcome Back & Summer Challenge Evening

24th Results of Summer Challenge – Followed by a Presentation from Nick and Liz Akers

October 2019

1st Evening Out in Norwich – Drinks and Eats,                       perhaps in Cosy Club

* 8th Speaker: Peter Milsom, EFIAP Gold, BPE*3 – "The Power of  Sport" Visitors £8 – Please contact for information

22nd Digital Competition Round 1 "Open" – Judge: Andy Swain LRPS

November 2019

5th Focus On – Sport – Followed by a Presentation by Mick Ladner

*12th Speaker: Danny Green – "Wild Taiga" Visitors £8 – Please contact for information

26th Print Competition Round 1 "Open" – Judge: Howard King

December 2019

3rd Table Top Workshop – Still life, Macro, Water Splashes

10th Christmas Dinner – The Crown, Gt Ellingham

January 2020

7th Fun Competition – Book or Film Title 

 14th The Basics of  Flash, including a practical demonstration - Robin Orrow

28th Focus On – Table Top, followed by a talk from Chris Kot titled  "Different Kinds of Lighting"  

February 2020

4th Workshop using Speed-lights with our own models

11th Post Processing, B&W Editing –Tony Bramley FRPS  

25th Digital Competition Round 2 "Monochrome"– Judge: Richard Houghton

March 2020

3rd Practical Demo Evening
10th Practical Demo Evening

24th Print Competition Round 2 "Macro/Close-up" – Judge: David Steel

April 2020

*7th Speaker: Chris Shepherd – "Looking Local" Visitors £8 Please contact for information 

14th Club Members Critique Evening

28th Digital Competition Round 3 "Nature" – Judge: Ron Tear, ARPS, MPGAB,APAGB,MFIAP

May 2020

5th Practical Workshop – Using flash outside Robin Orrow 

*12th Speaker: Les Forrester BA(Hons), ARPS, DPAGB, EFIA,BPE*3 – Title TBC Visitors £8 Please contact for information

26th Print Competition Round 3 "Scapes" – Judge: Stephen Milner BSc, LRPS

June 2020

 * 2nd Speaker: Philip James – Landscape/Nightscape PhotographyVisitors £8 Please contact for information

*9th  Speaker: Glenys Garnett – "Get Creative" Visitors £8 Please contact for information 

23rd Image of the Year – Judge: Tony Bramley FRPS

July 2020

* 7th Speaker: Roger Hance FRPS, AFIAP, BPE8% – Talk TBC   Visitors £8 Please contact for information

14th AGM Awards and presentations followed by two slide shows and light refreshments.

Club meetings 2018-2019
Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm at Wells Cole Community Centre, Saham Toney, IP25 7HD
September 2018
11th  Welcome Back and Summer Project Evening.
Judges: Liz Akers, Nick Akers and Michael Paddison

25th  Speaker – Shirley Hollis, LRPS, ARPS,AFIAP.

"A Moment Captured" Visitors £8 - please contact for information
October 2018
2nd  Results of Summer Project. Followed by A talk by David Spain,
"A Jobbing Photographer"

9th Talk and Outdoor Workshop about Astronomy – by Through the Lens Workshop

23rd  Digital Competition: Round 1 "Open" – Judge: Adrian Stone
November 2018

6th Focus on – Astronomy. Followed by a presentation from the 
Landscape and Nature SIGs

13th Speaker – Damaien Demolder "Using Photography as a Means of Communication" Visitors £8 - please contact for information

27th Print Competition: Round 1 "Open" – Judge: Howard King
December 2018

4th Macro Workshop

11th Christmas Dinner
January 2019
8th Presentation from Competition SIG

22nd Practical Demonstrations with various workstations week 1

February 2019
 5th Practical Demonstrations with various workstations week 2

12th Speaker – Colin Trow-Poole, FRPS, FIAP, MPAGB. "An evening with 

Colin Trow-Poole" Visitors £8 - please contact for information  

26th Digital Competition: Round 2 "Scapes" – Judge: Andy Swain, LRPS

March 2019
5th Membership Critique Evening

12th Speaker – Tesni Ward " Working with Wildlife".
Visitors £8 - please contact for information 

26th Print Competition: Round 2 "Monochrome" – Judge: Tony Bramley, FRPS
April 2019
2nd Speaker – Joe Lenton, ASWPP, LRPS, LDPS, ASINWP. Subject TBC. 

9th Focus On ... Still Life or Abstract

23rd Digital Competition: Round 3 " Macro" – Judge: Roy Essery, MPAGB
May 2019
7th Speaker – Jayne Odell ARPS. "The Monochrome Effect". Visitors £8 - please contact for information

14th  Presentation by Christine Hart

28th Print Competition: Round 3 "Nature" – Judge: Paul Radden, LRPS,DPAGB,EFIPA,PSA2*

June 2019
4th Evening out at Wells-next-the-Sea or another coastal town

11th Six images from out and about Wells-next-the-Sea or 
another coastal town

25th Image of the Year – Judge: Daphne Hanson, CPGAB, APAGBJuly  2019
2nd Speaker – Dr Jane Goodall, "Beautiful Light". Visitors £8 - please contact for information

9th AGM and Awards Presentation, followed by slide show from high scoring images throughout the year and slide show of the club events.
Followed by light refreshments. 

Club Meetings 2017-2018

Tuesday evenings (7:30pm) at Saham Toney Village Hall 
(Wells Cole Community Centre), Saham Toney

September 2017
October 2017
10th * External Speaker – David Steel, DPAGB. "People Pictures". Visitors £8 - please contact for information
24th Digital Competition Round 1 – Open
November 2017
December 2017
5th * External Speaker – Ruth Grindrod. "My photographic Journey". Visitors£8 - please contact for more information.
January 2018
9th Members Evening – "My Kind of Pictures"
23rd Digital Competition Round 2 Monochrome
February 2018
13th Focus On Food
27th Print competition Round 2 – Macro/Close-up.Judge: Howard King
March 2018
6th * Justin Minns, LRPS. "A Learning Curve", My journey in how to take better landscapes. Visitors £8 
20th Practical Demo – Various Workstations
27th Digital Competition Round 3 – Nature Judge: Derek Leake, DPAGB, MPAGB, BPE3*
April 2018
3rd * External Speaker – Roy Essery, DPAGB, MPAGB. Visitors £8 
10th Members Informal Critique Evening
24th Print Competition Round 3 – ScapesJudge: Nick Akers, LRPS
May 2018
1st  "Insight into Judging" – Paul Radden, LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b, PSA2*8th * External Speaker – Ann Miles, FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB, FBPE3. "A Passion for Nature".  Visitors £8 
22nd Monochrome Conversion by Ian Wilson 
June 2018
5th Focus on – Animal Magic
12th Out and About
26th Image of the Year – Digital and PrintJudge: Robert Good
July 2018

10th AGM and Presentation of Awards. Slide shows of Members Images from the year.

12th Welcome Back + slide shows from club members.
26th Summer Challenge
Judges: David Turner, Bill Pound and Mark Bunning

3rd Results of Summer Challenge 
Followed by "It's Open to Interpretation"

Judge: David Saunders CPGAB

7th Focus on – People
14th * External Speaker – Roger Hance, FRPS. "Not Everything is Black & White". Visitors £8 - please contact for information
28th Print Competition Round 1 – Open
Judge: Andy Wilson, LRPS

12th Christmas Dinner
Judge: Rex Makemson
6th * External Speaker – Sarah Kelman, DPAGB, ARPS. "Ten Thousand Miles of Ocean". Visitors £8 
3rd * External Speaker – Claire Carter, "Perpetually in Motion"  Visitors £8 - 
10th AGM Followed by Slide shows and Social - drinks and nibbles.

Club meetings 2016-2017
Tuesday evenings (7:30pm) at Saham Toney Village Hall (Wells Cole Community Centre), Saham Tone
September 2016
13th Welcome back + selected images from a National Exhibition.
27th * Graham Heywood, EFIAP/p,"Imaginations' Visitors £8
October 2016
4th Phototrek Challenge – Judges Bill Pound, Dave Turner, Cindy Petersen
11th Phototrek Challenge – The Results. Followed by 'An Introduction to Infrared Photography' by Jack Mitchell.
25th Digital Competition Round 1 – Open. Judge Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB
November 2016
1st * Kevin Sawford. "20 Nature Projects Throughout the Year" Visitors £8 
8th Practical Session Using Flash – Robin Orrow.
22nd Print Competition Round 1 - Judge Frank Blyth
December 2016
6th Focus On: Using Flash.
13th Christmas Dinner at The Windmill, Necton.
January 2017
10th * Malcolm Bumstead, BPE2*, DPAGB. “The Creative Side of Me”.  Visitors £8 
24th Digital competition Round 2 – A Sporting Life.  Judge: Nick Akers, LRPS.
February 2017
7th Exploring NIK and other interesting new software with Robin Orrow
14 * Roy Essery, DPAGB, MPAGB.  “My Photographic Journey - straight, turns and very nearly an abrupt dead end”.  Visitors £8 
28th Print competition Round 2 – Botanical.  Judge: David Jordan, FRPS.
March 2017
7th Table top Workshop Macro and Still Life with Elaine Stubbings 
and Bob Darts 
14th New Kids on the Block: Exploring Other Software with Robin Orrow
28th Digital competition Round 3 – Past its Prime.  Judge: Sarah Kelman, ARPS, DPAGB.
April 2017
4th Focus On: Table Top Macro and Still Life
18th A basic introduction to composite images with small group
demonstrations using textures, blending, masks, layers and other techniques.
25th Print competition Round 3 – Seashore.  Judge: Mike Cowling.
May 2017
2nd Out and About - An Image every 5 minutes and
refresher on how to make a panel.
9th * Gianpiero Ferrari, FRPS, DPAGB, EBPE, AFIAP.  “One Year of Wildlife”.  Visitors £8 
23rd Creative Editing Techniques with Elaine Stubbings and Bob Darts
June 2017
6th Focus On: A Panel from An Image every 5 minutes.
13th * Jon Martin, FBPE, FIAP Gold.  “A Bit of Everything”.  Visitors £8 
27th Image of the Year – digital and print.  Judge: Paul Radden
July 2017
4th * Hugh Milsom & Pat Broad "Mainly Landscapes". Visitors £8 -
11th AGM and presentation of awards. Members’ images from the year.
Social - drinks and nibbles.

Club meetings 2015-2016
September 2015 
8th Welcome back + EAF 2015 exhibition of PDIs
22nd Phototrek Challenge – Judges: David Turner, Cindy Peterson, Robert Hubbard

October 2015 
6th Speaker: 'My Passion for Photography', Will Cheung FRPS.  Visitors £8.
13th Phototrek Challenge - The Results + 'Preparing images
 for competitions', Robin Orrow
27th Digital Competition Round 1 - Open.  Judge: Frank Blyth

November 2015
3rd Demo/workshop 'High-speed photography', Robert Hubbard
10th Speaker: 'Wildlife Hunting with a Camera', Richard Revels FRPS.  Visitors £8.
24th Print Competition Round 1 - Open.  Judge: David Saunders

December 2015
1st Out and About
8th Christmas Dinner at The Windmill, Necton

January 2016
5th CD evening - EAF PDI Championship & PAGB GB cup
12th Speaker: 'The Prints and the Paper', Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB.  Visitors £8.
26th Digital Competition Round 2 - Landscape/seascape.  Judge: David Hodgson DPAGB BPE2*

February 2016
2nd Fun Focus On ... Valentines
9th Speaker: 'Night and Low Light Photography', Tony Worobiec FRPS.  Visitors £8.
23rd Print Competition Round 2 - Monochrome.  Judge: Adrian Stone

March 2016
1st Focus On ... Low light
8th Speaker: 'Close Up and Macro Nature Photography', Daniel Bridge.  Visitors £8.
22nd Digital Competition Round 3 - Nature.  Judge: David Tipling

April 2016
5th Lightroom post-processing workshop.  Ian Robinson.
12th    No Meeting
19th  Speaker: 'Street Photography', Dave Mason.
26th Print Competition Round 3 - Macro/close-up.  Judge: David Steel

May 2016
3rd Speaker: 'The Monochrome Effect', Jayne Odell ARPS.  Visitors £8.
10th Focus on ... Street Photography
24th Speaker: 'The Way to better Print Quality & Colour Management', Permajet.  Visitors £8.

June 2016
7th Speaker: 'The Digital Monochrome Print + demo', Andy Beel FRPS.  Visitors £8.
14th Ian Robinson - Lightroom/Photoshop post processing workshop
28th Image of the Year - Digital and Print.  Judge: Derek Leak DPAGB

July 2016
5th  Members’ evening - including feedback from Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
12th AGM and presentation of awards.

Season 2014-2015 meetings
September 2014 
9th Welcome back + RPS Creative Group 2014 exhibitions 
23rd Phototrek Challenge – Judges: Elaine Stubbings, 
 Stephen Olley and Chris Hollick

October 2014 
7th Camera Skills - Francesca Shearcroft - bring cameras
14th  Phototrek Challenge – The Results 
 Workshop: Monochrome conversion in Elements
28th Digital competition Round 1 – Open 
 Judge: Frank Blyth

November 2014 
4th Focus on: Monochrome 
11th 'Walking With Bears' - Robin Orrow
+ 2013 PAGB Nature and GB Cup DVD (if time)
25th Print competition Round 1 – Open 
 Judge: Alan Sarsby

December 2014 
2nd External speakers – Jim and Fred Price  
 ‘What is the difference between a Camera 
 Club picture and an Exhibition picture?’ 
9th Christmas Dinner at Browns, Mundford 

January 2015 
6th Introduction to Lightroom Part 1.  Bob Darts 

Change to programme 13th External speaker - Roger Hance, FRPS,BPE5* 
'How to present a panel of images' 

27th Digital competition Round 2 – Theme: Water 
 Judge: Adrian Stone

February 2015 
3rd TBA 

10th Introduction to Lightroom Part 2

24th Print competition Round 2 – Theme: Monochrome 
 Judge: Joy Hancock FRPS, MPAGP

March 2015 
3rd External speaker – Norfolk Photographer 
 David Tipling – Wildlife and Nature 

10th Inter-club competition return match with Brandon

24th Digital competition Round 3 – Theme: Action
 Judge: Brian Collins LRPS, CPAGB 

April 2015 
7th Tips on creating a panel of images 

14th External speaker – Jim Hartje ARPS, EFIAP, 
APAGB, DPAGB, BPE5 – ‘Foto Fusion’

28th Print competition Round 3 – Natural History 
 Judge: David Hodgson DPAGB, BPE2*

May 2015 
5th Focus On: Panel of Images 

12th Out and About

26th External speaker – Roger Hance FRPS, 
AFIAP,BPE5 - Sport and Action

June 2015 
2nd Workshop/Talk: Studio Lighting with Belinda Buxton

9th External speaker - Jane Goodall 'The Beautiful Light'

23rd Image of the Year – digital and print 
 Judge: Brian Collins LRPS, CPAGB

July 2015 
7th External speaker– Barbie Lindsay EFIAP/s MPAGB, 
 FBPE – 'Creative Photography'

14th AGM and presentation of awards 
Members’ images from the year 
 Social - drinks and nibbles 

August 2015 - no meetings. Relax, recover and 
get ready for another year of photography! 

Season 2013-2014 meetings
September 2013
10th Welcome back. + EAF exhibition portfolio (DVD) + Bring and Buy Photography Gear 
24th Photo Trek challenge
Judges:  David Blake, Chris Hollick and Elaine Stubbings 
October 2013
1st Basic Camera Skills - introduction Francesca Shearcroft + practical session
8th Photoshop Elements 11 - Basics for Beginners - presenters TBA
22nd Print competition Round 1 - Open  
Judge: Alan Sarsby
November 2013
5th Photoshop Elements 11 - Next Steps / Q&A - Presenter TBA
12th Creative Workshop - Adrian Stone
26th Digital competition Round 1 - Open  
Judge: Andy Wilson
December 2013
3rd Focus On … Getting Creative
10th Christmas Dinner at Broom Hall Country Hotel
January 2014
7th RPS Nature Group Annual Exhibition - DVD
14th Scratching the Surface of Adobe Lightroom - Francesca Shearcroft, Christine Alcock, Di Daniels
Sat 18th Cambridge Camera Club Interclub Competition, Whittlesford Village Hall, 13:30
28th Print competition Round 2 - Theme: Landscape.   
Judge: Wes Gibbon
February 2014
4th Exposure Blending and Focus Blending - Robin Orrow
11th Guest speaker Dr Kevin Elsby - Norfolk’s wonderful wildlife’
25th Digital competition Round 2 - Theme Natural History
Judge: Jonathan Lewis
March 2014
4th My Kind of Photos - 4-5 club members share their photos
11th  Guest speaker Tony Worobiec - The Art Of Composition
Wed 19th External Competition - At Brandon
25th Print competition Round 3 - Theme: Close up / Macro
Judge: Nigel Rea ARPS
April 2014

1st Focus On … Depth of Field

8th Guest speaker Chris Weston (Animals On The Edge) Wildlife and Nature Photography

22nd Fun Print Competition - Images inspired by music

May 2014

6th ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ - Robin Orrow

13th      Practical sessions in 2 groups.  Bring cameras etc & manuals.
For more experienced - more on Focus Stacking
For less experienced - getting to grips with your camera settings

27th Digital competition Round 3 - Theme: People.  

Judge: Frank Blyth

June 2014

3rd Focus On … Spring

10th 'What Ann Did Next' - Ann Miles FRPS EFIAP MPAGB

24th Image of the Year - digital and print

Judge: Adrian Stone

July 2014

1st Out and About in Norwich
8th AGM and presentation of awards.  Members’ images from the year.

Social - drinks and nibbles 
August 2014 - no meetings.  Relax, recover and get ready for another year of photography!
Season 2012-2013 meetings

September 2012 
11th - Welcome back.  Focus on … ‘Summer Images’.
25th - Digital competition - Round 1 - Open.
Judge:  Angela Adams DAPGB, BPE3*, AFIAP, LSWPP
October 2012
2nd - Photoshop Elements - Getting Started.
9th - ‘Photographing cats, dogs and other animals - your questions answered’ 
Presenter Martin Fry, a local professional photographer who 
specialises in animal photography.
23rd - Print competition - Round 1 - Open.
Judge:  Jeff White
November 2012
6th - Photoshop Elements - Next Steps and general editing Q & A
13th - Bird Photography  
Presenter: Melvin Holmes 
27th - Digital competition - Round 2 - Natural History
Judge:  Adrian Stone
December 2012
4th - Christmas Dinner at Broom Hall Country Hotel
11th - Creating monochrome images  
Presenter: David Ryland
18th - Focus on ... Autumn
January 2013
8th - Tips for Close up and Macro photography  
Presenter: Robin Orrow
22nd - Print competition - Round 2 - Monochrome Open
Judge:  Joy Hancock FRPS, MPAGB

February 2013

5th - Portrait photography (bring cameras).
Presenter: David Blake
12th - Artistic photography or photographic art?  
Presenter: Francesca Shearcroft 
26th - Fun print competition - create a print which reflects a book or film title.  
Members vote for favourite.

March 2013

5th - Close up and Macro Practical Session (bring cameras)
12th - My kind of photos.  
Presenters: 3-4 club members 
26th - Digital competition - Round 3 - Shadows/reflections
Judge:  Bob Darts

April 2013

2nd - Focus on … ‘Artistic images’
9th - Refresher sessions - top tips for … 
23rd - Print competition - Round 3 - Action
Judge: Andy Wilson

May 2013

7th - Focus on … Close up and Macro
14th - Photoshop hints, tips and tricks  

Presenter: David Blake + others

28th - ‘Wildlife photography for everyone’

Presenter Dr Kevin Elsby FRPS, DPAGB, AFIAP

June 2013

4th - ‘My Photography - Fine Art or Creative Expression?’ 

Presenter: Jim Hartje,ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB, APAGB 

11th - Out and about with our cameras.  
Meet at Wells Cole CC, Saham Toney at 7:30. 
Don't forget your camera!!
25th - Image of the Year - digital and print

Judge: Frank Blythe

July 2013

2nd - Focus on … ‘People’

9th - AGM and presentation of awards.  Members’ images from the year.

Social - drinks and nibbles 
August 2013 - no meetings.  Relax, recover and get ready for another year of photography!

Season 2011-2012 meetings

September 2011
6th - Welcome Back, Members' summer images and tips on using Flickr
including adding images to WDPC group

13th - Tutorial, Getting your images ready for competitions

27th - Digital competition, Round 1 - Open
Judge: Joan Jordan

October 2011
4th - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 1 of 4
From camera to computer, first steps for editing your photos

11th - Tutorial, AudioVisual
Beginners' tips on creating AVs using 'Pictures to Exe' and Sound editing with 'Audacity'

25th - Print Competition, Round 1 - Open
Judge: Angela Adams

November 2011
1st - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 2 of 4
Enhance your images by adjusting colour, contrast, sharpness etc

8th - Camera Skills, Part 1: Achieving Correct Exposure

22nd - Re-scheduled Print Competition, Round 1 - Open
Judge: Angela Adams

December 2011
6th - Christmas Dinner, Broom Hall Country Hotel

13th - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 3 of 4
Further tips and tricks removing and adding features, special effects

20th - Design a Christmas Card
Fun print competition

January 2012
10th - Tutorial, Photoshop Elements Part 4 of 4
Ask the experts - a chance to get answers to your questions

24th - Digital Competition, Round 2 - Natural History
Judge: Joy Hancock FRPS, MPAGB

February 2012
7th - Tutorial, Print resolution v Image size
How to get the best quality prints

14th - Camera skills (2).  Practical demo on 
“Photographing moving subjects” (David Blake).  
Bring your cameras & tripods.

28th - Print Competition, Round 2 - Low Light
Judge: Jeff White

March 2012
6th - Tutorial: 'Hyperfocal Distance and Depth of Field' (Robin Orrow).  
Bring your cameras.

13th - Talk by Brian Beaney FRPS
'Beyond the Moment of Capture'

27th - Match a Print, Internal Competition
Ladies v Gentlemen
Judge: David Saunders CPAGB

April 2012
3rd - Indoor 'Portrait Practical' including simple lighting & flash techniques (David Blake). 
Bring your cameras, tripods & flashguns.
(please don't worry if you don't have a flashgun)

10th - Presentation - Using Layers and Masks (Robin Orrow)

24th - Digital Competition, Round 3 - Patterns
Judge: David Jordan

May 2012
1st - Q & A sessions. Club experts will be on hand to answer your technical questions on using your cameras and associated equipment, photoshop editing and general "how to..." questions

8th - An evening with Mike & Joy
a lecture, with prints, by Mike & Joy Hancock

22nd - Print Competition, Round 3 - Heritage
Judge: David Hodgson DPAGB

June 2012
5th - Bank Holiday, no meeting

12th - Tricks of the Trade - a lighthearted evening with 
professional photographers Bill Pound and David Blake.  
They will share a few tips (and hopefully a few laughs) 
about how their images are captured and edited.

26th - Members' AV show and fun competition
Members to vote for favourite

July 2012
3rd - PAGB Recorded lecture 'Ideas about the ART of PHOTOGRAPHY' 
by George Pollock Hon. FRPS, MPAGB, EFIAP, FBIPP

To replace the cancelled talk by Barbie & Rusty Lindsay EFIAP MPAGB
'The Exhibitionists'

10th - Image of the Year, Digital & Print
Judge: Daphne Hanson

24th - AGM and presentation of awards
Members' images from the year.
Social, drinks and nibbles.