Wednesday 30 November 2011

Tuesday 6th December - Club Christmas Meal

Just to remind everyone that our next meeting, Tuesday 6th December is our Christmas Dinner... mmmm
at Broom Hall Country Hotel, Richmond Road, Saham Toney. IP25 7EX

Look forward to seeing you all there...


Tuesday 22nd November - Print Competition Round One

Our first Print competition went down very well and a big thank you to Angela Adams for being our judge for the evening. Here are a selection of the high scoring images:

©GANNETS by Melvin Holmes

©WHITE STORK by Melvin Holmes


©AGE by Francesca Shearcroft

©DAWN RAIDER by Robin Orrow

©LAMP AT THE WINDOW by Paul Holman

©EQUUS by Danielle Adams

©FULL LEAN by Keith Sultano


©MONCH VENTURE by Christine Alcock


©ROCK POOL by Robin Orrow

©SHELLS by Andrew Barnes

©THE GROYNE by David Blake

©THE OLD POSTS by Francesca Shearcroft

©THE ROCKS by David Blake

©THIS IS SNOW FUN by Danielle Adams

©THORNHAM WRECK by Roy Scrivener

©WINTER SURFER by Christine Alcock

Thursday 10 November 2011

Camera Skills; Part 1 - 8th November 2011

Thanks to Peter for covering Tuesday evening's camera skills - part 1- 'achieving correct exposure'.   A difficult subject and hopefully we all learnt something and with our cameras pointing in different directions managed to capture these:

Di Jackson & David Blake
Events Secretary & Webmaster

Monday 7 November 2011

Autumn Colours at Lynford

Our first location at Lynford Stag proved to be the best for autumn colours.  The beech trees were still full of colour - a little sunlight would have improved our chances of getting some better images but it was lovely walking through the woodland.  David Blake provided expert on- the-spot tuition for those that wanted it and I'm sure some excellent images were obtained.  We even had a go at some Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) as Francesca was there to advise. Watch out for some interesting images appearing at future competitions!
We then moved on to our second location at Lynford Arboretum.  Unfortunately most of the autumn colour was lying on the ground!  However, Geoff managed to sniff out some lovely fungi for us all to have a go at. Hopefully, some decent images were obtained.
Thanks to everyone who joined in - hopefully you enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did.
Di Jackson
Events Secretary

Saturday 5th November Fakenham Fireworks

Although we were lucky not to have rain what we did have was thick, low level misty fog.  We could hear the whooooooosh as the rockets were launched and then... nothing, or just an eerie glow as they exploded behind the wall of fog!  Some images of the lower level fireworks were possible. (See our group flickr site for other images)
After the display (so called!) some members consoled themselves with a delicious chinese and a few bottles of the amber nectar.  Not such a bad evening after all! 

Di Jackson
Events Secretary