Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tuesday 14th March – "New Kids on the Block"

Members were appreciative of Robin Orrow's excellent presentation about new software programmes which are available to edit their images.
Having stated what he wants from a piece of software, in terms photographic editing,  Robin proceeded to demonstrate DxO, Piccure, Luminar and after the break On1.  He clearly showed what could be achieved with each of the programmes, including their strengths and their weaknesses.
Of the "New Kids on the Block" On1 seemed to be the firm favourite with Robin.
With the exception of Luminar all programmes are available for both operating systems and Luminar has declared that a Windows version will be released very soon.
Thank Robin for a very educational evening.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tuesday 7th March Macro / Close-up Workshop

This week we welcomed Bob Darts and Elaine Stubbings to run a macro / closeup workshop.
Bob gave an introductory presentation which included the definition of macro, the equipment needed, some of the problems that may be encountered when photographing macro and how these may be overcome. Members then had the opportunity to mount their cameras on tripods and go round the various table set ups to try to capture the miniature world. The workstations included flowers, shells, sweets, straws and several others besides.
There was a good buzz of activity in the hall and members were pleased with what they had learnt and the images captured.
Thanks to Bob and Elaine for providing the inspiration and help and support to enable this to happen. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tuesday 28th February Print Competition Round 2

There was no doubting the main message from our EAF judge, David Jordan, as he assessed over 60 prints - bigger, more generous mounts would show off our prints more effectively.  The theme of the competition was ‘botanical’ and David outlined his experience in this field and referred to his own achievements in the area especially his FRPS panel and past IGPOTY success.  He then turned his attention to our prints which demonstrated a good range of botanical subjects from close up flower detail, to buds, seed heads, shrubs and trees.

Many congratulations to club members whose prints achieved high scores.  Their images can be seen below:

ROSE by Ann Barber 20/20

SPRING IS HERE by Pam Rutty 20/20

PEACE LILY by Graham Frost 20/20

THREE FRIENDS by Francesca Shearcroft 20/20

AWASH WITH LIGHT by Paula Cooper 20/20

GERBERA by Christine Alcock 20/20

NEW LIFE AND OLD by Liz Blake 19/20

PEONY by Suzi Senior 19/20

SNOWDROP TRILOGY by Roy Scrivener 19/20

LADY SLIPPER ORCHID by Di Jackson 19/20

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Friday 17th February - Husky Racing

Another good turnout for this event with club members spread throughout Kings Forest West looking for husky action. The early start was well worth it to see the larger teams racing by. The organisers of the event BSHRA were extremely friendly and helpful and kept us informed of what was going on. 

After the morning's excitement a good number of us managed to find our way to the very excellent Elveden Inn for lunch!

Here are a few of our husky images:

Husky Portrait by Kim Scrivener

Resting by Francesca Shearcroft

Getting Untangled by Liz Blake

Having a Chat by Sue Baldwin

Full On by Robin Orrow

A Team of Eight by Geoff Lingwood

Going For It by Daphne Lingwood

One Man and His Dog by Caroline Tillett

Watching You by Graham Jackson

Team of Four by Andy Caws

Go!Go! by Tim Leonard

Samoyed Team by Di Jackson

Flat Out by Andrew Barnes

Friday, 17 February 2017

Tuesday 14th February – "My Photographic Journey" by Roy Essery

It was a great pleasure to welcome Roy Essery to our club meeting this week.
Roy prints many of his images and he walked us through his photographic journey from a real newbie to achieving his MPAGB last year; the panel of which was on display. Roy had us all enthralled giving hints and tips along the way on a wide range of photographic subjects, be it papers to use, printing knowhow, actual camera techniques and composition points to note. The stories relating to some of the prints were also very interesting and amusing.
It was a change to see prints as opposed to PDIs and in some instances to compare the same image printed  in colour or black and white or perhaps toned or the same image printed on different papers.
All members were very appreciative and have asked for Roy to come back again.
Some of his images can be seen on his website Click here.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tuesday 7 Feb - celebrating more success

They say success breeds success and it's certainly true for our club right now!  

At last Sunday's EAF Interclub PDI Championship we not only progressed into the second round, we finished joint second.  It was very tense and stressful sitting there as the images flashed up for just a few seconds and the three judges' scores were called out!  Our entry of 25 images came from 12 club members and two of them Robin Orrow and Di Jackson, scooped Selector's awards - well done everyone.  This result means that WDPC go forward to the National Championship in July.   

And that's not all...  Robin announced the PAGB GB Open and Nature Cup results and again we did really well and finished up with the big boys in this national competition!  In the GB Cup (Nature) we finished 18th and in the GB Cup (Open) we finished in 14th place.  Caroline Tillett had a surprise when Robin announced she had been awarded a bronze medal for her image 'Spectator' - congratulations Caroline. 

It doesn't end there!  Paula Cooper has had two images accepted in the International Garden Photographer of the Year both of which have been included in the printed book - well done Paula.

After the amazing announcements of the recent club successes we settled down to hear what Robin had to teach us about NIK software.

Starting with the basics Robin clearly explained the principles of how the software worked and then continued to demonstrate the various different software in this suite of programmes, culminating in a very powerful demonstration of how to convert  a coloured image into a black and white. He made the use of the control point technology look easy whilst at the same time showing how powerful and effective it could be.
There was something for everyone, from beginner to advanced. 

Robin had encouraged all members to download NIK which is now freely available, so everyone  should now be able to get to grips with this powerful software to improve their images so we can achieve even more success.

Thanks to Robin for an excellent evening. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tuesday 24th January - Round 2 Digital competition 'A Sporting Life'

There was a definite buzz in the air at the beginning of this meeting as we celebrated the club's success in the Cambridge Inter-club competition and showed off the silverware.  

Then it was business as usual as our EAF judge Nick Akers began analysing and scoring the 60 digital images which had been entered.  As Nick commented, the photographs featured a good variety of sporting topics.  Quite a few looked as if they had come from, or been inspired by, club events.

Thanks to all members who entered images and congratulations to the following photographers whose images achieved 19 and 20.

HOLD TIGHT by Ann Barber (19)

TAKING THE CORNER by Jim McConnell (20)

DETERMINATION by Christine Alcock (20)

THE SKATEBOARD KID by Jan Murphy (20)

MUDDY SPLASH by Francesca Shearcroft (20)

SKATEBOARDER by Liz Blake (19)

HARD CHARGING by Keith Mountford (19) 

MY SPORTS FILMSTRIP by Vanessa Robertson (19)

OUT OF THE WATER by Keith Mountford (19)