Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Sunday 18th February - Historic City of Ely

18 members plus 2 guests met up on an amazingly fine morning to explore the delights of England’s second smallest city.  Ely is compact enough to explore on foot and we all set off in various directions in search of that ‘special’ photo.  Quite a few groups headed straight for the magnificent Cathedral with its famous octagon and stained glass windows others explored the riverside area or the Market Square.  The Market Square proved to be very popular particularly the stall selling the many varieties of pies!

As well as the images below showing various aspects of this very fine small city we will be having a fun competition later giving members an opportunity to show some more of their images. 

The Cathedral by Jan Murphy

The Aisle by Francesca Shearcroft

Angel by David Wilkin

Him and Her by Fred Thompson

Swanning Along by Heather Ryder

Ely Cathedral from afar by Jim McConnell

South Aisle by Geoff Lingwood

Crown Point by Graham Jackson

River Ouse by Christine Alcock

Vaulted Ceiling Detail by Di Jackson

Tied Up by Fred Thompson

The Fisherman by Jan Murphy

Artist at Work by Geoff Lingwood

Down by the River by Andy Caws

Dwarfed by Heather Ryder

Ely Reflections by Francesca Shearcroft

Sausages by David Wilkin

Memorial by Jim McConnell

The Octagon by Di Jackson

Four Candles by Graham Jackson

Thursday, 15 February 2018

13th February - Focus on ... Food

Tonight's meeting was set to make us all feel rather hungry as it was a fun competition, Focus on FOOD. As with all the Focus on...competitions each member had to select their top five images. It was not easy as there were a lot of tempting delights on view. The marks were close but the top 10 images are shown below. Very aptly we were treated to fabulous cakes in the break thanks to Suzi and Kim.
Despite the temperature in the hall members seemed to enjoy the evening. 

1st A HEALTHY OPTION by Liz Blake


3rd ONION SECTION by Roy Scrivener

4th ROMANESQUE FOREST by Roy Scrivener

5th= INFLATION by Graham Frost

5th= SUGAR IN YOUR COFFEE by Jack Mitchell

7th= NOT OVEN READY by Christine Frost

7th= FRACTALAPPLE by Andy Lowe

9th BISCUITS AND BERRIES by Francesca Shearcroft

10th SPICES by Francesca Shearcroft

It was a tad cold in the hall tonight!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

6th February – "Ten thousand miles of ocean"

It was a great pleasure to welcome Sarah Kelman to our club tonight, along with two new members. Sarah, her husband and two children took a year out to take part in the Panerai Classic yacht race, an epic journey in a classic sailing boat from Lisbon to Barbados. Then they sailed through the Carribean, up the east coast of the USA and then eventaully across the Atlantic back home.
We almost felt we had experienced the journey with her as she had one or two video clips showing the heel of the boat, trying to prepare dinner in the galley to mention just two.
Not quite sure how Sarah managed to take so many fantastic photos whilst involved in this journey but they ranged from boats to architecture, from marine life to wild life and from landscape to abstract.
In addition Sarah's passion for wild life and preserving our planet was very evident, with a plea for us all to look at the Marine Conservation Society web site and get involved. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

EAF Club Championships – Sunday 4th February

WDPC was well represented at the Fulbourn Centre on Sunday with 11 members attending the Club Championships. Nail biting moments as we waited to hear whether we had made it into Round 2.....and yes we were placed 14th, so just made it through to round 2. So after lunch we settled down to look at the adjudication for the next 10 images from each of 14 clubs. 
We only scored two less points in total than last year and we finished 12th= out of 37 clubs competing. 
Thanks to all club members who submitted images.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Cambridge Inter-Club Digital Competition - Saturday 20th January 2018

After the club's amazing victory at this competition last year we set off with some trepidation not expecting too much this year. After a very close contest we were absolutely delighted to find we had finished in joint 3rd position - so not too shabby!  Many congratulations to North Norfolk Photographic Society on winning and huge congratulations to Andy Caws for winning the prestigious Roy Pitman Award for best image in the competition.

Our images can be seen below:

Chasing Elephants by Andy Caws - Best Image 

Maximum Effort by Keith Mountford

The Industrial Age by Heather Ryder

Bringing Home the Herd by Di Jackson

Victory in Sight by Keith Mountford

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Tuesday 23rd January. Digital Competition, Monochrome

We welcomed Rex Makemson to be our judge for the second round of the digital competition. There were 85 images, a third in Members Class and the rest in Members Advanced. So Rex had his work cut out but managed to finish in time and was helpful in his comments.
The highest scoring images are shown below:
Bony the Mexican Musician by Suzi Senior 20

Shoe Envy by Andy Caws 20

Window on the Soul by Heather Ryder 20 

The Lookout by Diana Graham 20

Young Grey Seal by Tom Thurston 20

Arctic Fox by Jack Mitchell 20

Herring Gull Reflection by Rachael Trivett 20

Reassurance by Christine Alcock 19

The White Hut by Graham Jackson 19

Agarve by Paula Cooper 19

Leading the Way by Tim Leonard 19

Bald Eagle by Kim Scrivener 19

Maleficent by Chris Kot 19

The Beauty of Steam by Dave Angood 19

Zebra Reflection by Rachael Trivett 19