Monday, 27 July 2015

Saturday 18th July - Great Witchingham International Horse Trials

This was our last club event of the season and we were not disappointed ... fantastic weather and a wonderful venue provided us with plenty of photographic opportunities - horses, people and dogs everywhere you looked!

15 members + 3 guests enjoyed the day - many of us totally exhausted and sunburnt but still happy at the end of the day!

Some of our images can be seen below :

Refusal by Marnie Ball

Sharp Right by Caroline Tillett

Flying Along by Jim McConnell

Fun in the Stream by Roy Scrivener

Down but OK by Keith Mountford

At the Gallop by Di Jackson

Over the Jump by Marnie Ball

Hold On by Caroline Tillett

2 Redheads by Jim McConnell

Making a Splash by Di Jackson

Caroline by Roy Scrivener

Out of the Water by Keith Mountford

Monday, 20 July 2015

Tuesday 14th July - AGM and Presentation of Awards

A very good turnout for our AGM which was followed by the presentation of awards to the club members who had either done well in the Photographer of the Year Competitions or had success in the Image of the Year Competitions.

We then watched an AV of the highest scoring images from the various competitions throughout the year which Robin Orrow had compiled for the club - what an amazing collection of really high quality images - well done everyone!

To round off the evening we had a buffet plus drinks which seemed to be appreciated judging by the speed it disappeared!

See below for some of the award winners:

7th July - Barbie Lindsay 'Creative Photography'

This was our last proper meeting of the year and Barbie Lindsay made sure we went out with a bang not a whimper.  Her presentation was titled 'Creative Photography' and the images and stories she shared with us demonstrated many creative approaches.  Not all the images appealed to everyone, but no-one can deny the technical skills and vision that Barbie uses to create her award-winning images.  A thought-provoking evening - thanks, Barbie .

You can catch up with Barbie's latest activities via her website

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tuesday 23rd June Image of the Year Competition

It was a case of quality not quantity.  Initially, I was disappointed that we only received 24 Digital entries and 22 Prints but as our judge Brian Collins commented, the standard was very high.  Picking a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended images must be a tougher task than regularly scoring out of 20 but Brian managed to do both and he also provided a detailed critique of all images.

In the digital competition, 6 images were held back and after some deliberation, the winners were chosen:

Digital Image of the Year was Swan Lake by Diana Graham.  Second place went to Family Ties by Di Jackson and third place, London by Light by Christine Alcock with A Touch of Frost by Sarah Pymer Highly Commended.

In the print competition, 8 images were held back and after more deliberation, the winners were chosen:

Print Image of the Year was The Dude by Roy Scrivener.  Second place went to Puffin With Sea Campion by Di Jackson and third place, Brown Hare Galloping by Robin Orrow with Meadow Pipit by Caroline Tillett, and Relay Anchor Leg by Andy Caws Highly Commended.

Thanks to all Club members who supported this competition by entering images and attending on the night.  Here are our 2015 Images of the Year.

SWAN LAKE by Diana Graham

THE DUDE by Roy Scrivener

FAMILY TIES by Di Jackson


LONDON BY LIGHT by Christine Alcock


A TOUCH OF FROST by Sarah Pymer

MEADOW PIPIT by Caroline Tillett


Friday, 5 June 2015

Thursday 4th June - Somerleyton Hall and Gardens

16 of us met up at this beautiful Estate and spent the day enjoying the wonderful gardens in brilliant sunshine - quite tricky conditions for photography but nobody was complaining!
The maze provided an interesting challenge and at the last count everyone made it out again.

Some of our images can be seen below:

Somerleyton Hall by Jan Murphy

Concentration by Diana Graham

Rhododendron by Martin Ryder

The Pergola by Jan Murphy

Pink Perfection by Jim McConnell

Cypress Cone by Tim Leonard

Clematis Seed Head by Jan Murphy

Garden Features by Martin Ryder

Clematis by Jim McConnell

Yew Hedge by TimLeonard 

I Salute You by Diana Graham

Beyond the Wisteria by Heather Ryder

Damselflies in the Somerleyton Sun by Tom Thurston

Dream House by Di Jackson

Geraniums Escaping Greenhouse Roof by Tom Thurston

Heckingham Church by Andrew Barnes

Looking Spruce in the Sunshine by Heather Ryder

Old Thatched Barn by Andrew Barnes

Rhododendron by Di Jackson

Somerleyton Hall by Di Jackson

Tuesday 2nd June Belinda Buxton Studio Portraits

Thanks to professional photographer Belinda Buxton, model Jade and right hand man Steve, we all enjoyed a busy evening with our cameras. Belinda's tips, enthusiasm and gentle cajoling soon got us taking photos.  We started outside using just a reflector.  Then we carried on indoors where she demonstrated how to achieve some subtle but powerful differences by adjusting one studio light, the model's pose and the photographer's position.

Everyone there had several opportunities to take photos and benefit from Belinda's helpful advice.

Many thanks to Belinda and her team for an excellent evening.  You can find out more about Belinda's work on her website

Jade by Andy Lowe

Jade by Andy Lowe

Jade by Andy Lowe

Frightened by Graham Jackson

Monday, 18 May 2015

Sunday 17th May - Return trip to Welney Wetland Centre

A select few turned out for this return to Welney on a bright, breezy Sunday morning.  This was our complimentary visit very kindly arranged by the Centre Manager and much appreciated by the Club.
Most of us started off in the cafe for coffee before setting off to the various hides and paths on the reserve.  Although we had access to the downstairs photography hide, sadly, there were no birds to be seen!

Most of the swans and geese had already left the reserve for their long journey north leaving just a few mute swans on the reserve.  The main attractions on this visit were trying to find some of the recently hatched chicks, warblers and early arrival of some butterflies or dragonflies.  This proved to be quite a tricky task - the chicks were difficult to find and at quite some distance when they were sighted and the warblers were also very tricky with the wind tending to keep them near ground level and not coming up to be photographed!

Most of us sampled the very excellent food in the Widgeon Cafe for lunch and despite the tricky conditions and the rather distant viewing, with a little patience and determination, everyone managed to get some shots some of which are shown below. 

Young Wagtail by Caroline Tillett

Chasing Avocets by Roy Scrivener

Sedge Warbler by Andy Caws

Avocet Aggression by Robin Orrow

Anthocharis Cardomine by Jan Murphy

Avocet with 3 Chicks by Di Jackson

Three Ducks by Andy Caws

Reed Bunting by Caroline Tillett

The Beauty of Weed by Jan Murphy

Avocet in Flight by Roy Scrivener

Orange Tip Butterfly on Nettle by Robin Orrow

Moorhen Chick by Di Jackson

Avocet and Mallard by Andy Caws

Avocet Trio by Caroline Tillett

Who Me? by Roy Scrivener

Master of Disguise by Jan Murphy

Avocet with Chick by Robin Orrow

Orb-Weaver Spider with Prey by Di Jackson