Friday, 15 June 2018

Mannington Gardens 14th June 2018

Another good turnout of club members plus welcome guests for this our last club event of the season.  Rain held off all day and by the afternoon it was scorching hot and fleeces and jackets were quickly discarded.

Most of us decided to opt for a quick cup of tea or coffee at The Greedy Goose before setting off for some serious photography.  

The gardens had obviously suffered from earlier heavy spring rains and winds but still had plenty of marvellous roses and many other varieties of flowers and shrubs on show.  As well as the formal areas of garden there were many areas of wild gardens and meadows to enjoy.

Everyone met up again for lunch and enjoyed some fantastic homemade, local produce. 

Back to the photography and, after a long day, a final 'cuppa' before making our ways home.

A few of our images can be seen below:

The Path to Mannington Hall by Jan Murphy

Standing Proud by Francesca Shearcroft

Stripes by Tim Leonard

Deer at Mannington by Andy Caws

Pretty in Pink by Christine Alcock

Little Grebe Juvenile by Graham Frost

Mannington Hall Reflections by Jan Murphy

Iris by Di Jackson

Common Spotted Orchid by Christine Frost

Artist at Work by Di Jackson

Colours in Harmony by Tim Leonard

Yellow Roses by Francesca Shearcroft

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Tuesday 12th June – Summer Evening Outing to Thetford

The day started very grey and overcast but by the time we gathered at Thetford in the evening there were some decent clouds and even patches of blue sky. Over 20 members met at Three Nunns Bridges and walked by the river and the surroundings taking photos as they went. It was an ideal opportunity for some newer members to get to grips with their cameras and for others to try to master their complex menu systems.
Some of us finished up in the American Bar, Grand Central, to have a warm drink as the weather, although dry, was a little chilly. Not only did we sample the drinks on offer but some kind customers posed for us!!
All in all a good evening was had by all. 
Some images are shown below.
Discarded Xmas Teddy by Liz Blake

Rusty Handcuffs by Liz Blake

Between the Stones by Sue Baldwin

Unusual Clock by Sue Baldwin

Capt Mannering by Mike Winter

Reflections by Mike Winter

Capturing the Maharaja by Di Jackson

Old Friends by Di Jackson

Jan Determined to get her Photo by Diana Graham

Thomas Paine by Diana Graham

A Friendly Local by Tim Leonard

A Georgian Portico by Tim Leonard

In the American Diner by Jan Murphy

Nuns Bridges by Andy Caws

The River Thet by Jan Murphy

Thetford Evening by John Kerr

Alium by Liz Akers

Nor's Boat by Liz Akers

Backlit by Francesca Shearcroft

Leafy Arch Over the River Ouse by Nick Akers

Bob and the Captain by Andrew Barnes

Can you see me by Andrew Barnes

Thetford by the River by Nick Akers

Red and Blue by Christine Alcock

Sun Setting on the Little Ouse by Christine Alcock

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Tuesday 5th June – Focus on "Animal Magic"

There were over 40 images entered for this evening's Focus on , theme being Animal Magic The audience is the judge and members were treated to some very varied animal image;  ranging from the serious zebras, with a beautiful reflection, to the antics of squirrels. 
The top three images are shown below.

After the break Jan and Heather had put together a slide show of their trip to the Venice Carnival. They showed images of food, carnival characters, traditional images of Venice and details of shop windows to name a few genres. Thanks to Jan and Heather for a well put together slide show of your great holiday.

We were then taken to the Farne Islands by Mick Ladner as he showed us some images of the many sea birds that can be found on these islands. Very relevant at this time of year as thousands of them  are nesting there. Definitely worth a visit. Thanks for the encouragement Mick.

1st Place "A well Red Squirrel" by Andy Caws

2nd Place " Dancing Wild Cat" by Diana Graham
3rd Place "Does This Pose Work for You" by Robin Orrow

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Tuesday 22 May - Monochrome conversion - Ian Wilson

What’s the best monochrome conversion method?  

Ask half a dozen photographers and you’ll probably get six different answers!  Last night we put that question to Ian Wilson from Cambridge Camera Club and his answer was a clear vote for Nik Silver Efex.  Before demonstrating the power of Nik Silver Efex, Ian showed other methods using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  

Watching an expert like Ian transform a number of images very quickly with the tools available in Nik Silver Efex was an eye-opener to many of us and I’m sure many club members will be trying out the tips we picked up.  As well as a hands-on demonstration, Ian brought several of his monochrome prints which showed not only the results of different processing styles but also the influence of different papers.

Many thanks to Ian for an inspiring presentation.

If you don’t already have Nik Silver Efex, it can be downloaded for free via the Nik/DxO website here

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Macro and Birds of Prey Workshops - Saturday 12th May

We kicked off the day with tea, coffee and biscuits followed by Nigel Downer and Richard Walpole providing us with information about the hundreds of cacti and other garden flowers and how best to photograph them.

After a couple of hours of trying to capture the many amazing plants we stopped for a fantastic lunch provided by Jane, Richard’s wife - it really was a splendid spread finished off with giant slices of delicious walnut carrot cake.

We then made our way to the Fen Falconry, just a few minutes walk away where we were introduced to an amazing variety of birds of prey and owls including Peregrine and Lanner Falcons, Harris Hawk, American Kestrel, European Kestrel and owls including Barn Owl and Ural Owl.

We started with static birds and moved on to birds in flight which we soon discovered were a whole lot trickier than static birds (or cacti!).  Unfortunately, the light shower predicted turned into a bit of a downpour so we didn’t get to experience trying to shoot the Peregrine Falcon as, apparently, they don’t enjoy the rain.  Nevertheless, we did see the Lanner Falcons flying and swooping in to the lure - what a sight, amazing speed and agility.

It was definitely a day of extreme contrasts both photographically and weather wise but it didn’t put us off and the day was finished with yet more tea, coffee and biscuits.

Some of our images can be seen below:

Ural Owl Coming in to Land by Jack Mitchell

Clematis in Macro by Gella Ladner

Barn Owl in Flight by Mick Ladner

Red Flowering Cactus by Vanessa Robertson

Harris Hawk Landing by Andy Caws

Cactus Abstract by Sue Baldwin

African Spotted Eagle Owl Chick by Diana Graham

Cactus Macro by Diana Daniels

Steppe Eagle Portrait by Mick Ladner

Cactus Flower by Diana Graham

Lanner Falcon in Flight by Di Jackson

Clematis seen from below by Di Jackson

You Missed It! by Jack Mitchell

Ural Owl by Diana Daniels

Yellow Flowering Cactus by Vanessa Robertson

Barn Owl by Gella Ladner

Team Cactus by Andy Caws