Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tuesday 9th February - Tony Worobiec 'Night and Low Light Photography'

We welcomed back Tony Worobiec and enjoyed his workshop entitled 'Night and Low Light Photography'.   Taking photos between dusk and dawn can produce some interesting shots often with dramatic lighting.  His examples featured many different themes from coastal scenes, urban landscapes, bridges, funfairs, piers, illuminated buildings, factories, people, abandoned buildings, weather and more.  With each type of shot, Tony offered tips on camera settings and post-processing.

Thank you, Tony, for an informative and inspiring workshop.  You can see more of Tony's photographs on his website 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tuesday 2nd February - Fun Focus On ... Valentines and Tips on Basic Flash with Robin Orrow

Another good response to the Focus On Challenge.  This time the theme was Valentines - not everyone's cup of tea but nevertheless we had an excellent display of very varied interpretations on the theme!  See below for the 10 favourite images as voted for by club members.  And you can also see Sarah's image which got lost in transit and was missing from last night's entries - sorry Sarah!

After the break we were inspired by Robin's presentation on how to use your flashgun more creatively - very interesting and informative - hopefully we will organise a follow up practical session when everyone can have a go.

1st My Forever Love by Jan Murphy

2nd You Light Up My Life by Christine Alcock

3rd Valentines Kiss by Di Jackson

4th Ring of Love by Tom Thurston

5th Tree of Love by Christine Alcock

6th Heart and Soul by Roy Scrivener

7th Loving Touch or Right Uppercut! by Jack Mitchell

8th Days of Wine and Roses by Andy Caws

9th Rent a Valentine by Tim Leonard

10th= Love Birds by Di Jackson

10th= Love Heart by Andy Caws

I LOVE ROO by Sarah Pymer

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Tuesday 26th January - Digital Competition Round 2

Round 2 of this season's Digital Competition had the theme 'scapes and proved a popular topic attracting 80 entries.  The judge for the evening was David Hodgson from Wisbech.

We adopted a broad interpretation and the entries covered landscapes, seascapes, urban landscapes and more.  See below for the high scoring images.

POPPY FIELD by Jim McConnell (20/20)

MAID OF THE MIST AT NIAGARA by Suzi Senior (20/20)

END OF THE DAY by Tom Thurston (20/20)

WINTER SUNSHINE by Heather Ryder (20/20)


THE CLOUD FOREST AT SUNSET by Tim Leonard (20/20)

THURNE DRAINAGE PUMP by Graham Jackson (20/20)

NORTHERN LIGHTS by Andy Caws (20/20)

EILEAN DONAN CASTLE by Keith Mountford (20/20)

MEANDERING STREAM by Andy Caws (20/20)

THE STONES ON THE BEACH by Roy Scrivener (20/20)

LOOKING OUT TO SEA by Pam Rutty (19/20)

AUTUMN ON MOUNT TEIDE by Tim Leonard (19/20) 

THORNHAM EBBING TIDE by Christine Alcock (19/20)

TRACKS TO THE LIGHTHOUSE by Francesca Shearcroft (19/20)

THE BLACK CUILLIN by Keith Mountford (19/20)

CASCADES by Di Daniels (19/20)

LAKESCAPE by Andy Lowe (19/20)

SNOWY SUNSET by Paula Cooper (19/20) 

BAMBUGH CASTLE AT DAWN by Roy Scrivener (19/20)

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tuesday 12 January 2016 - Chris Palmer 'The Prints and the Paper'

We had a good turnout for this presentation by Chris Palmer entitled 'The Prints and the Paper' and we weren't disappointed.  Chris showed us prints featuring a variety of topics from locations near and far.  He described how he arrived at the final image from camera craft, through processing and finally printing.

It was a thoroughly entertaining and informative evening and I'm sure many of us are still mulling over subtleties of Chris's approach to landscape and other genres of photography.  All in all, another inspiring evening.

Check out Chris's work on his website

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tuesday 1st December - Out and About

The first day of December - a crazy time to go out in the evening with our cameras?  Not at all!  Some of us met in Swaffham to investigate their Christmas lights (didn't take long!) but luckily there were other interesting subjects.  Another group joined Francesca at Wells Cole where they tried their hands at Light Painting Orb techniques.  Others took photos in locations such as Watton, Ovington, Kings Lynn on their way in.

We ended up with 43 projected images and Robin got the job of picking the best of the bunch.  Considering the images were straight from the camera with no processing, they looked quite impressive.  The best of the bunch was one of the orb images taken by Diana Graham.  You can see Diana's image and a selection of others below.

PS  For those who missed the Light Painting Orb session and want to have a go at home, Francesca recommends this video on the technique  and camera settings as follows: Manual, ISO 100, aperture between f8 & f22, shutter speed 30s.  Focus first with light on person who will twirl the light.  

ORB by Diana Graham

Friday, 27 November 2015

Tuesday 24th November - Round 1 Print Competition - Open

71 photographs were entered in Round 1 of this season's Print Competition. Judge David Saunders used a wide range of scores and only one 20/20 was awarded in each class.  

Well done to everyone who entered prints.  Here are images which scored 20, 19 and 18.  

Scoring top marks, 20/20, were:

ALCHEMIST by Daphne Lingwood

QUANTOCK SUNRISE by Graham Jackson


Scoring 19/20:

BABBLING BROOK by Elaine Stubbings

MISS SAIGON by Chris Kot

KEZIAH by Elaine Stubbings

FADED GLORY by Francesca Shearcroft


Scoring 18/20





THE RIVER CAM by Jan Murphy