Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Tuesday 13th October – "Working with Textures"

WDPC were delighted to welcome Jane Lazenby, via Zoom, to give a talk entitled "Working with Textures". Jane came well recommended and it is easy to see why. During the first half she carefully explained What, Why and When to use a texture and gave many examples of where to find textures. In essence she said that textures were able to make things that didn't work look good. She showed very many examples to demonstrate the point. 
In the second half she clearly demonstrated how she uses textures by painting out the background and then useing a mask on a texture/s to reveal the subject. Although Jane used photoshop other programmes would be able to achieve the same effect. 
Some of her work maybe seen on her website: and her YouTube channel where she shares some of her techniques:
A brilliant evening and a speaker to be recommended.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Tuesday 6 October Competition - Open Colour

We welcomed Peter Wells from Wakefield to judge our first online competition via Zoom.  Peter did a grand job working his way through 79 images offering helpful comments and suggestions before scoring each one.  When judging images in our Members class, he said some were worthy of the Members Advanced class.  He had a tough job judging the Members Advanced images and held back 25 before deciding on the final scores.

Thanks to Peter for ensuring that our first online competition ran smoothly.

Here are the top scoring images.

In the Members class:

CASTING AT THE SUN by John Laing (20/20)

GOLDEN SUNRISE by Les Thwaites (20/20)

EVENING LIGHT AT KYNANCE COVE by Daphne Lingwood (19/20)

In Members Advanced:

BALLERINA RED by Liz Blake (20/20)

ANEMONE STUDY by Christine Frost (20/20)

LITTLE EGRET by Tony Smith (20/20)

CANTLEY DAWN by Roy Scrivener (20/20)

AUTUMN REFLECTIONS by Kim Scrivener (20/20)

FULL ON by Graham Frost (20/20)

KING PENGUIN COURTSHIP by Dawn Osborn (20/20)


PREENING AVOCET by Dawn Osborn (20/20)

SLIPPERY WHEN WET by Graham Frost (20/20)

HEADING FOR THE PIER SHOW by Liz Akers (19/20)

FELIXSTOWE BY NIGHT by Tony Smith (19/20)

APPLECROSS BAY by Geoff Lingwood (19/20)

GANNET LOVE IN THE LONG GRASS by Jack Mitchell (19/20)

SCAR FACE by Donna Smith (19/20)

CHEEKY HARE by Caroline Tillett (19/20)

Friday, 25 September 2020

Tuesday 22nd September – "Odd Things" by Diana Seddon

 Zoom meetings continue in these strange times and this week Diane Seddon came along from Lincolnshire to give a presentation about "Odd Things". 

The poster says it all......

Diane certainly gave us all plenty of ideas on how we could be creative. In addition, if she needed to do something then she was persistent in finding out how it could be done in Photoshop..and with great effect. 

Many favourable comments from members and visitors alike.  So hopefully in the weeks and months to come we will see some more creative images and members thinking out of the box. Thanks Diane for a great evening.

Tuesday 8th September – Polina Plotnikova

We were delighted to welcome award winning photographer Polina Plotnikova to our Zoom meeting this evening.

Polina's presentation was in two distinct parts, the first half was all about her stunning flower photography whilst the second half focussed on her still life pictures. Most of the images were taken in Polina's home studio with minimal kit which she was only too willing to share with us. her creative flower images  were excellent and certainly provided much food for thought. 

Rather than take notes at the time Polina one some after thwarts which gave all the relevant details about the artists who had influenced her, the kit she used and her workshops.

Additionally she would be happy to return and give us a talk bout Lensbaby lenses, for which she is now an ambassador. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Tuesday 25th August – a talk by Ross Mckelvey

One advantage of the lockdown situation is that you can have speakers from much further afield to come along and deliver a presentation via Zoom. So this week we were treated to the images of Ross Mckelvey, MPAGB, MFIAP, FIPF, EFIAP/p and FBPE, who comes from Belfast.
Although his focus is mainly on portraits Ross shared a number of images from other genres  and included in his presentation many hints on tips on a variety of photographic topics. 
In the second half Ross focussed on editing and using Photoshop and Nik, demonstrated how to process a number of the images he had previously shared. 
In addition to Ross we welcomed along Margaret Salisbury from Fotospeed who helpfully answered some questions about paper choice.
Some of Ross's images can be seen on his website:
In addition Ross has a YouTube channel
where there are many helpful tutorials.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Tuesday 11th August – "Tales of a Riverbank" by Jenny Hibbert, MPAGB, EFIAP/s, AWPF

One advantage of Zoom meetings is that you can invite speakers from beyond the normal travelling distance, so WDPC, based in Norfolk, were delighted to welcome Jenny Hibbert, from S Wales, to give her presentation about the riverbank.
Jenny was very enthusiastic about all the birds and mammals that could be found along the river bank  family close to home. Dippers were a firm favourite but in the second half we were treated to some award winning images of voles and others amongst other creatures.
It was obvious that Jenny had researched her animal/bird behaviour and knew when and where she would find the images she was after, frequently getting wet and lying on muddy banks till she got the shot.
Many members were really inspired by her photography and were keen to seek out some dippers when in a suitable location!

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Tuesday 28th July – Zoom presentation by Glenys Garnett

We were delighted to welcome Glenys Garnett to give a Zoom presentation this evening, entitled "Developing a Creative Approach".Glenys suggested ways of developing a creative mindset, how to overcome barriers to being creative and some ideas on using projects to develop creativity. She then showed a couple of her projects to give examples of how she has  used this approach to her own work. Virtually all of Glenys images were taken in camera, with minimal editing, and  using a variety of techniques.Still emerging slowly from lockdown many members needed some inspiration to get their cameras out and Glenys certainly provided lots of inspiration, lots of tools and many different ways to approach taking images.
To see some of Glenys images please check out her website: