Friday, 28 April 2017

Tuesday 25th April Print Competition Round 3 – Seashore

For the final print competition of the year members had interpreted the theme, the Seashore, in a  wide variety of ways, ranging from sweeping vistas to macro details, from wildlife to stones. At the last print competition members were encouraged to consider using larger mounts, this week the judge frequently asked the question "Could this image be stronger if it was cropped".
Thanks to Mike Cowling for coming to judge all the images and from whom we all learnt a lot.
This high scoring images are shown below.

Weathered by Storms by Christine Frost 20

Away from the crowds by Andy Caws 20

Two's Company by Fred Thompson 20

Sea Foam on the Seashore by Kim Scrivener

Sea Urchin Fossil by Reg Barber 20

Ebb Tide by Pam Rutty 20

Reddish Egret Fishing by Di Jackson 20

Black Bellied Plover by Di Jackson 19

Fun in the Surf by Caroline Tillett 19

Holding Back the Tide by Christine Frost 19

Cromer Pier in November by Graham Frost 19

Life's a Beach by Francesca Shearcroft 19

Black Beach by Paula Cooper 19

Watching the Tide by Heather Ryder 19

Corton Foreshore by Reg Barber 19

Sea Shells by Francesca Shearcroft 19

Embolden Bay by Graham Frost 19

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tuesday 28th March: Digital Competition Round 3: Judge Sarah Kelman

 As members went to the break after the Club and Intermediate Images had been judged several people came up to Sarah and complimented her on her judging. Everyone learnt something, her comments were constructive, helpful, supportive and informative. By the end of the second half members were not bothered that we had run over time as the comments given to the advanced group were equally as helpful. With over 70 images to comment on Sarah's comments were well received and had all of us listening attentively.

Congratulations to all those whose images scored highly and which are reproduced below.

Beyond Repair by Reg Barber 20/20

Dilapidated by Liz Blake 20/20

Down but Not Out by Christine Alcock 20/20

Fragile by Paula Cooper 20/20

Home Sweet Home by John Boekee 20/20

Snettisham Old Jetty by Graham Frost 20/20
Two Wheels on the Wagon by Jim McConnell 19/20

Rotting Apple by Roy Scrivener 19/20

Faded Bloom by Christine Frost 19/20

Any Old Iron by Suzi Senior 19/20

Defeated by the Sea by Christine Frost 19/20

Failed MOT by Daphne Lingwood 19/20

Little Audrey by Mike winter 19/20
The Old Church at Kirby Bedon by Tim Leonard 19/20

Old Sea Defences by Jack Mitchell 19/20

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tuesday 14th March – "New Kids on the Block"

Members were appreciative of Robin Orrow's excellent presentation about new software programmes which are available to edit their images.
Having stated what he wants from a piece of software, in terms photographic editing,  Robin proceeded to demonstrate DxO, Piccure, Luminar and after the break On1.  He clearly showed what could be achieved with each of the programmes, including their strengths and their weaknesses.
Of the "New Kids on the Block" On1 seemed to be the firm favourite with Robin.
With the exception of Luminar all programmes are available for both operating systems and Luminar has declared that a Windows version will be released very soon.
Thank Robin for a very educational evening.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tuesday 7th March Macro / Close-up Workshop

This week we welcomed Bob Darts and Elaine Stubbings to run a macro / closeup workshop.
Bob gave an introductory presentation which included the definition of macro, the equipment needed, some of the problems that may be encountered when photographing macro and how these may be overcome. Members then had the opportunity to mount their cameras on tripods and go round the various table set ups to try to capture the miniature world. The workstations included flowers, shells, sweets, straws and several others besides.
There was a good buzz of activity in the hall and members were pleased with what they had learnt and the images captured.
Thanks to Bob and Elaine for providing the inspiration and help and support to enable this to happen. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tuesday 28th February Print Competition Round 2

There was no doubting the main message from our EAF judge, David Jordan, as he assessed over 60 prints - bigger, more generous mounts would show off our prints more effectively.  The theme of the competition was ‘botanical’ and David outlined his experience in this field and referred to his own achievements in the area especially his FRPS panel and past IGPOTY success.  He then turned his attention to our prints which demonstrated a good range of botanical subjects from close up flower detail, to buds, seed heads, shrubs and trees.

Many congratulations to club members whose prints achieved high scores.  Their images can be seen below:

ROSE by Ann Barber 20/20

SPRING IS HERE by Pam Rutty 20/20

PEACE LILY by Graham Frost 20/20

THREE FRIENDS by Francesca Shearcroft 20/20

AWASH WITH LIGHT by Paula Cooper 20/20

GERBERA by Christine Alcock 20/20

NEW LIFE AND OLD by Liz Blake 19/20

PEONY by Suzi Senior 19/20

SNOWDROP TRILOGY by Roy Scrivener 19/20

LADY SLIPPER ORCHID by Di Jackson 19/20

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Friday 17th February - Husky Racing

Another good turnout for this event with club members spread throughout Kings Forest West looking for husky action. The early start was well worth it to see the larger teams racing by. The organisers of the event BSHRA were extremely friendly and helpful and kept us informed of what was going on. 

After the morning's excitement a good number of us managed to find our way to the very excellent Elveden Inn for lunch!

Here are a few of our husky images:

Husky Portrait by Kim Scrivener

Resting by Francesca Shearcroft

Getting Untangled by Liz Blake

Having a Chat by Sue Baldwin

Full On by Robin Orrow

A Team of Eight by Geoff Lingwood

Going For It by Daphne Lingwood

One Man and His Dog by Caroline Tillett

Watching You by Graham Jackson

Team of Four by Andy Caws

Go!Go! by Tim Leonard

Samoyed Team by Di Jackson

Flat Out by Andrew Barnes