Wednesday 2 December 2015

Tuesday 1st December - Out and About

The first day of December - a crazy time to go out in the evening with our cameras?  Not at all!  Some of us met in Swaffham to investigate their Christmas lights (didn't take long!) but luckily there were other interesting subjects.  Another group joined Francesca at Wells Cole where they tried their hands at Light Painting Orb techniques.  Others took photos in locations such as Watton, Ovington, Kings Lynn on their way in.

We ended up with 43 projected images and Robin got the job of picking the best of the bunch.  Considering the images were straight from the camera with no processing, they looked quite impressive.  The best of the bunch was one of the orb images taken by Diana Graham.  You can see Diana's image and a selection of others below.

PS  For those who missed the Light Painting Orb session and want to have a go at home, Francesca recommends this video on the technique  and camera settings as follows: Manual, ISO 100, aperture between f8 & f22, shutter speed 30s.  Focus first with light on person who will twirl the light.  

ORB by Diana Graham