Wednesday 28 February 2018

Tuesday 27th February – Print Competition: Macro

Despite the weather many members turned up for the macro print competition and there were over 60 images for our judge, Howard King, to comment on.
We were delighted to welcome Howard to our club and were relieved that he had made it through the adverse weather conditions. His comments were considered, clear, concise and constuctive.  
Thanks to everyone who entered.

The high scoring images are shown below:

Wasp Spider by Mick Ladner 20/20

Dandelion Head by Suzi Senior 20/20

Aeonium by Pam Rutty 20/20

Looking Back by Graham Frost 20/20

Romanesque by Roy Scrivener 20/20

McCley's Stick Insect by Francesca Shearcroft 20/20

Mating Cardinals by Dave Angood 20/20

A Light Dusting of Pollen by Kim Scrivener 19/20

Lily Stigma by Liz Blake 19/20

Bolt Reflections by Jan Murphy 19/20

Signs of Life by Di Jackson 19/20

Clematis Leaves by Paula Cooper 19/20

Capillary Thread Moss by Di Jackson 19/20

Old Hands by Di Daniels 19/20

Bracket at the Heart by Suzi Senior 19/20

Needle and Thread by Andy Caws 19/20

Lisianthus by Liz Blake 19/20

Whitetailed Bumble Bee by Chrsitne Alcock 19/20

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