Wednesday 7 February 2018

6th February – "Ten thousand miles of ocean"

It was a great pleasure to welcome Sarah Kelman to our club tonight, along with two new members. Sarah, her husband and two children took a year out to take part in the Panerai Classic yacht race, an epic journey in a classic sailing boat from Lisbon to Barbados. Then they sailed through the Carribean, up the east coast of the USA and then eventaully across the Atlantic back home.
We almost felt we had experienced the journey with her as she had one or two video clips showing the heel of the boat, trying to prepare dinner in the galley to mention just two.
Not quite sure how Sarah managed to take so many fantastic photos whilst involved in this journey but they ranged from boats to architecture, from marine life to wild life and from landscape to abstract.
In addition Sarah's passion for wild life and preserving our planet was very evident, with a plea for us all to look at the Marine Conservation Society web site and get involved. 

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