Thursday 15 February 2018

13th February - Focus on ... Food

Tonight's meeting was set to make us all feel rather hungry as it was a fun competition, Focus on FOOD. As with all the Focus on...competitions each member had to select their top five images. It was not easy as there were a lot of tempting delights on view. The marks were close but the top 10 images are shown below. Very aptly we were treated to fabulous cakes in the break thanks to Suzi and Kim.
Despite the temperature in the hall members seemed to enjoy the evening. 

1st A HEALTHY OPTION by Liz Blake


3rd ONION SECTION by Roy Scrivener

4th ROMANESQUE FOREST by Roy Scrivener

5th= INFLATION by Graham Frost

5th= SUGAR IN YOUR COFFEE by Jack Mitchell

7th= NOT OVEN READY by Christine Frost

7th= FRACTALAPPLE by Andy Lowe

9th BISCUITS AND BERRIES by Francesca Shearcroft

10th SPICES by Francesca Shearcroft

It was a tad cold in the hall tonight!

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