Tuesday 20 February 2018

Sunday 18th February - Historic City of Ely

18 members plus 2 guests met up on an amazingly fine morning to explore the delights of England’s second smallest city.  Ely is compact enough to explore on foot and we all set off in various directions in search of that ‘special’ photo.  Quite a few groups headed straight for the magnificent Cathedral with its famous octagon and stained glass windows others explored the riverside area or the Market Square.  The Market Square proved to be very popular particularly the stall selling the many varieties of pies!

As well as the images below showing various aspects of this very fine small city we will be having a fun competition later giving members an opportunity to show some more of their images. 

Welcome All by Roy Scrivener

The Cathedral by Jan Murphy

The Aisle by Francesca Shearcroft

Cathedral from the Almonry by Roy Scrivener

Angel by David Wilkin

Him and Her by Fred Thompson

Swanning Along by Heather Ryder

Ely Cathedral from afar by Jim McConnell

South Aisle by Geoff Lingwood

Crown Point by Graham Jackson

River Ouse by Christine Alcock

Vaulted Ceiling Detail by Di Jackson

Tied Up by Fred Thompson

The Fisherman by Jan Murphy

Artist at Work by Geoff Lingwood

Down by the River by Andy Caws

Dwarfed by Heather Ryder

Ely Reflections by Francesca Shearcroft

Sausages by David Wilkin

Memorial by Jim McConnell

The Octagon by Di Jackson

Four Candles by Graham Jackson

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