Friday 28 June 2024

Tuesday 25th June – Image of the Year

We welcomed Mike Lloyd along to WDPC to judge the Image of the Year. There was only one class and members could enter one digital and one print image.

Mike commented on the high standard of images and struggled with his final scores. The lower number of entries meant that he had time to look at each image and provide constructive feedback. 

Thanks to all those members who submitted images. 

The winners and scores are shown below.



1st Icelandic Fox by Robin Orrow


2nd Red Deer Stag by Sandi Jardine

3rd A fisheye View by Jan Murphy


Highly Commended: Impressions of the Forum by Sue Baldwin


Highly Commended: Little Blue Heron with its Prey by Dawn Osborn

Commended: Cromer Hot Rod by Roy Scrivener



1st Male and Female Little Owls by Sandi Jardine

2nd Flesh Fly by Geoff Lingwood

3rd Bow Fiddle Rock by Roy Scrivener

Highly Commended: Magnolia Bloom by Francesca Shearcroft

Highly Commended: Kicking Up Dirt by Carol Martin

Highly Commended: Little Owl about to land by Dawn Osborn

Highly Commended: Nose to Nose by Robin Orrow

Highly Commended: Mountain Hare by Lyn Ibbitson-Elks

Commended: Elderly Village Lady by Jan Murphy



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