Monday 10 June 2024

Bressingham Gardens and Steam Event – Sunday 9th June

A small but select few met  at Bressingham Steam Museum on a day of mixed weather, although fortunately we had left by the time the rains came. After a wander around the many steaming engines displayed and watching the gallopers we turned our lenses towards the garden.

Many of the beds were in impeccable condition with no signs of weeds, beautiful trimmed edges and with colourful displays. Some ventured down to Foggy Bottom and were rewarded with some pond life, whilst  others spent more time in the garden. The wind gusts proved challenging but hopefully everyone managed to get some pleasing photos. We convened at the cafe for lunch together before going our separate ways. Thanks to Pam Rutty for organising the day.

A wide range of images were captured as shown below.

All in a Spin by Sue Baldwin
Bressingham Gardens by Rachael Trivett

Four Funnels by Diana Graham

Emerging Frog by Pam Rutty

Spiky Defences by Francesca Shearcroft
Thick-legged Beetle on Geranium by Diana Graham

Engine Maintenance by Pam Rutty

Foggy Bottom by Rachael Trivett

Concentrating on the Job by Sue Baldwin

Steel Giant by Pam Rutty

Damsel Fly by Francesca Shearcroft

Foggy Bottom 2 by Rachael Trivett

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