Wednesday 10 April 2024

Tuesday 9th April – "Omdenken", a talk by Ady Kerry

We were unsure what sort of evening we were in for but we all very much enjoyed Ady Kerry's presentation, Omdenken. Ady used a wide variety of images to make us think about why we took an image and what it actually said. The talk was very interactive and members really enjoyed  the opportunity to  share their opinions.

Ady, a former RAF photographer, showed images from his past experience on why and how they were set up and all the thought processes that had gone into making them, emphasising that the photographer had to bear in mind the wishes of the client even if this meant staging an image that perhaps was not the ideal from a photographic viewpoint. 

To see some of Ady's images please check out his website: but bear in mind that this is only part of the story as you can not discuss the images in the way we were able to during his presentation.

A great evening enjoyed by all.

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