Thursday 18 April 2024

A visit to WWT site at Welney

 Twelve us met at Welney WWT site to explore the birdlife. However despite the glorious sunny day the birds were somewhat sparse and considerably too far away to get many decent shots. May be they were put off by the wind.

None the less some members managed a few bird images whilst others were more focussed on the smaller wildlife creatures to be seen, mainly amongst the stinging nettles.

A few images are shown below.

Pied Wagtail by Rachael Trivett

Mute swan by Jan Murphy

Red Shank by Mary Laing

Tree Sparrows by Maureen Cambell

Mute vs Whooper by Jack Mitchell

Kestrel by Robin Orrow

Whooper Swan by Rachael Trivett

Tree Sparrow by Rachael Trivett

Shoveller by Robin Orrow
Tree Sparrow by Maureen Cambell

Grey Herron by Mary Laing

Warbler by Jack Mitchell

Whooper Swan by John Laing

Bug by Lyn Ibbitson-Elks

Hoverfly by Francesca Shearcroft

Spider by Lyn Ibbitson-Elks

Spider by Lyn Ibbitson-Elks

Bibio Marci Fly by Jan Murphy

Hover fly by Jan Murphy

Snail by Pam Rutty

Spider by Francesca Shearcroft

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