Monday 29 April 2024

Tuesday 23rd April – Competition : Theme – Movement

We welcomed Andy Swain to be our judge for the last digital competition of our year. The theme was Movement.  A wide variety of images were entered from all three classes and we appreciated Andy's tips along with his comments about the various images.

The highest scoring images are shown below:

Taking of into the Mist by Sandie Jardine 20

Water Splash by Jan Murphy 20

Doing Wheelie on the Southbank by Jan Murphy 20

Kicking up the Dirt by Carol Martin 20

Fast Moving Zebra by Dawn Osborn 20

Painting with Light by Liz Blake 19

Dreamy Aspens by Dawn Osborne 19

No 527 by Carol Martin 19

The Way of Water by Roy Scrivener 18

Grass Track by Andrew Stringer 20

Carousel Ride by Emma Moore 19

Last Furlong by Andrew Stringer 19

The Acrobat by Sue Baldwin 19

Cormorant Taking Off by Geoff Lingwood

On the Track by Tom Thurston 18

Holding On by Ann Barber 17

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