Saturday 10 February 2024

Tuesday 6th February - Chris Shepherd 'Composition and Catastrophe'

This was definitely an evening of two halves, two very different halves.  Chris's talk in the first half was a succinct reminder of the do's and don'ts of composition.  He introduced his composition 'toolkit' with examples to illustrate the strengths of each tool or rule.  Put simply, Chris reminded us to be clear what our subject is, exclude any distractions and compose to make the subject more interesting.  Sounds simple when you say it quickly but so easy to get it wrong!

There was a distinct gear change for part two.  After scaring us with stories about lost information and its value when computers fail or viruses take hold, Chris summarised his recommended 3:2:1 back-up plan to minimise the catastrophic effects of losing data including our thousands of photographs stored digitally.  3 copies of everything, stored in 2 locations with 1 copy instantly available.  Sometimes we need to be scared into action and this talk might have done the trick.

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