Thursday 11 January 2024

Tuesday 9th January 2024 - Kevin Pigney 'A Passion for Wildlife'

Our first meeting of the year got us off to an excellent start.  Local wildlife photographer, Kevin Pigney, didn't just show us his award winning photographs but also described in detail how he captured them.  Hearing the background to the shots made us realise how much planning and preparation goes into creating the perfect shot.

One of the distinctive features of Kevin's wildlife images is the subtle diffused background.  Very often this is achieved by shooting from low level and we could see what a difference camera height makes from the examples Kevin showed.  

Kevin shared many practical tips and I'm sure club members, whatever their level of experience, went away with some ideas to try.  

You can check out Kevin's website or get in touch via this Facebook link:

Little Owl at Burwell Fen © Kevin Pigney

Kestrel Landing © Kevin Pigney

Boxing Hares © Kevin Pigney

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