Wednesday 25 January 2023

Tuesday 24th January 2023 - Focus On Triptychs + post-processing demos

Tonight's meeting started with Focus On ... Triptychs.  Two of our guest speakers this season had given tips on creating triptychs and with further help from Google and YouTube, club members sent in 30 entries.  Our Focus On sessions are more informal or relaxed than club competitions because it is the members at the meeting who vote for their favourite images, there is no critique from a judge.  

We had an array of different styles, techniques and topics across the triptychs on display and those receiving the most votes can be seen below. The chocolate prizes for the top three went to Andy Caws, Jack Mitchell and Stephen Gregory.

In the second part of the meeting, two club members, Francesca and Jan, demonstrated their basic workflows starting from a RAW file to a jpeg file ready for a club competition.  Francesca showed us how she processes her images using Affinity which was the first time most of us had seen this software in action.  Jan demonstrated her workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop.  What we learned from both demonstrations was that with just a few steps in a few minutes it is possible to transform an image from the camera into an eye catching photograph. 

Thanks to Jan and Francesca for sharing their knowledge with fellow club members.

Here are the triptychs which got the most votes:

1st BIRDS IN THE GARDEN by Andy Caws

2nd PROFILES OF A GREY SEAL by Jack Mitchell

3rd AUTUMN FOREST by Stephen Gregory

4th A ROSE MONTAGE by Stephen Gregory

=5th FISH FACE by Robin Orrow

=5th PAPER ROLLS by Francesca Shearcroft


8th MASAI VILLAGERS by Di Jackson

9th GLASSWARE by Francesca Shearcroft

10th RUTLAND WATER BIRDS by Di Jackson

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