Wednesday 11 January 2023

Tuesday 10th January 2023 - An Introduction to Wildlife Photography by Colin Edwards

After a long break over Christmas and New Year, our 2023 programme of meetings kicked off with a lively meeting with wildlife photographer Colin Edwards from Haverhill.  It was clear from the start that Colin’s main priority was the welfare of the wildlife he photographs.  The photography and fieldcraft tips he shared will encourage us to explore our local habitats and take our time to learn about the behaviour of wildlife on our doorstep.

We sat in the comfort of Wells Cole admiring the images Colin had captured at dawn, in the rain, in the snow, in fog, lying in fields etc.  His enthusiasm inspired us to get out with our cameras but we will have to wait and see if these New Year resolutions produce results!

© Colin Edwards

© Colin Edwards

You can see more of Colin’s images on his website here.

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