Wednesday 7 December 2022

Tuesday 6th December 2022 - Long Exposure Photography with Antony Zacharias

Over 40 club members joined tonight's Zoom meeting to hear Antony's tips and ideas about long exposure photography.  Using a variety of his beautiful images, Antony illustrated how he used long exposure photography in two main areas, first in low light situations and secondly when aiming for a more creative image.  In low light situations such as night photography or interior photography, Antony gave us tips on shooting in the blue hour, star trails, star burst effects, correcting white balance and combining shots when there's a large dynamic range in a scene.

In the second part of the presentation Antony demonstrated other long exposure techniques which can be used creatively to present an individual interpretation of a subject or location.  Like all aspects of photography, these techniques require a lot of practice but through trial and error, you can make some amazing images.  Antony talked us through examples of Intentional Camera Movement, panning, light trails and light painting.

From past experience, I know it won't be long before we see club members' images that feature the techniques we heard about tonight.

© Antony Zacharias London Skyline

© Antony Zacharias Montenegro

© Antony Zacharias Walkway

© Antony Zacharias Looking up

© Antony Zacharias Millennium Bridge and St Pauls

© Antony Zacharias Louvre Reflections

To see more of Antony's photographs, visit his website

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