Thursday 29 September 2022

Wednesday 28th September - East Ruston Vicarage Gardens

Thanks to everyone who turned up in spite of the rather persistent rain - I'm afraid the weather fairy let us down for once!  Fortunately, we were able to scurry to the cafe during the worst downpours.

Hopefully, you all still managed to enjoy our visit to these amazing gardens and there were still plenty of flowers in bloom to see and photograph - I think the dahlias were definitely the stars of the show.

A few of our images can be seen below:

After the Rain by Diana Graham

White Flower by Ann Barber

Black Dahlia by Jan Murphy

Fuschia by Andy Caws

Rose Out in the Rain by Steve Gregory

Dahlia by Francesca Shearcroft

Cascade by Roy Scrivener

Honey Bee by Maureen Campbell

Tree Unicorn by Roy Scrivener

Waterfall by Vanessa Robertson

Raindrops by Andy Caws

Setaria Palmifolia by Jan Murphy

Pot Plants by Di Jackson

Hydrangea by Francesca Shearcroft

Large White by Maureen Campbell

Angel's Trumpet Flower by Di Jackson

Out of the Rain by Steve Gregory

Flower by Vanessa Robertson

Dahlias by Di Jackson

Water Droplets by Ann barber

Lady in Red by Diana Graham

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