Thursday 29 September 2022

Tuesday 13th September 2022 - Cherry Larcombe Textures and Triptychs

This was our first Zoom meeting of the season and we were pleased to welcome Cherry Larcombe.  When you look at Cherry's portfolio of images you will see she covers a wide variety of topics.  In the first part of tonight's presentation she concentrated on the use of textures and started with a warning 'don't overdo it' - a texture or combination of textures is secondary to the subject.  

Cherry gave us tips on subjects that make good textures and how to process these photos to achieve the effects we're after.  

After a break Cherry described the different types of triptych before showing us how to create one in Photoshop.  She took us step by step through her method and gave some helpful tips to guide us through the process.  She made it look easy but I suspect that comes with lots of practice!

If you want a reminder of Cherry's work you can visit her web site

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