Thursday 16 June 2022

Wednesday 15th June - Thursford Steam Museum & Binham Priory

 A first visit for the club to Thursford Steam Museum and it proved to be quite a tricky location for photography - a combination of very dark and very bright played havoc with trying to get your exposure just right!  Hopefully everyone managed to get some interesting shots of the many varied exhibits. 

It was lovely to meet up again with club members and relax for half an hour listening to the mighty Wurlitzer belting out a few old favourites!

A few of us travelled up the road to Binham Priory to marvel at this Benedictine monastery which is still very much part of the local community as Parish Church and occasional venue for concerts and art exhibitions.

Some of our images can be seen below:

Hitching a Ride by Tim Leonard

The New Organist by Pam Rutty

Carousel Face by Nick Akers

Wheels by Liz Akers

Trying a New Hat by Tom Thurston

Whirling Horses by Francesca Shearcroft

Through the Arch by Sue Baldwin

Galloping Wendy by Andy Caws

No Comfort Spared by Pam Rutty

Stop-Go Controls by Nick Akers

Charging Horses by Di Jackson

Planet Cogs by Francesca Shearcroft

Early Health & Safety Notice by Tom Thurston

Suspended by Liz Akers

Copper and Brass by Sue Baldwin

Swinging from the Rafters by Andy Caws

Binham Priory Ruins by Di Jackson

The Mighty Wurlitzer by Di Jackson

Trying 2nd Curtain Setting by Tim Leonard

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