Thursday 9 June 2022

Tuesday 7th June – Focus on Macro

 It is a while since we had a Focus on competition....when the members present are the judges and vote for their top 5 images. Only rule being that you cannot vote for your own image.

It was good to have so many images, a total of 39, but the holiday season has kicked in and the audience was quality rather than quantity!! Small edible prizes were awarded to the top 3 images.

After the break and a short brainstorm for programme ideas, we watched the images from the recent PAGB Gold Cup, both Nature and Open. Some lovely images and something for us all to aspire to.

1st  Wing Detail by Caroline Tillett

2nd Hover Fly on Leaf by Stephen Gregory

3rd Ornamental Poppy by Tom Thurston

4th Triple Jump by Robin Orrow

5th About to Land by Andy Caws

6th Black Tailed Skimmer by Diana Graham

7th Common Carder Bee by Stephen Gregory

8th Spotted Bush Cricket by Robin Orrow

9th Robber Fly by Mick Ladner

10th Jewels on a Dandelion by Francesca Shearcroft

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