Wednesday 15 June 2022

Tuesday 14th June: Presentation by David Clapp – "Images with Impact"

Again we were meeting on Zoom tonight, the benefit of which we saved our speaker a very long drive!!

David started his talk by giving us a potted story of his photographic journey so far. This appears to have been influenced by his strong musical interest as was evident also by references throughout his talk.

In the first half David talked about various compositional aspects of his images, using a marker on the screen to demonstrate his points. He encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone, have a go at taking different types of images and to consider having a project to develop an idea and  to show the images as a printed body of work, rather than just taking single images.

The second half was more of a travel log and was illustrated with many images from his recent trip to Death Valley. David stressed how important it was to plan carefully, to study the subject before taking any pictures.

Many if his photos were unusual in the way they depicted the subject. He showed a lot of infrared images, including different types of IR strengths, and recounted interesting stories which related to some of the pictures and again to present our photos as a body of work.

David kindly let us record the talk so members can revisit in their own time. His images can be seen on his website:

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