Friday 28 February 2020

Tuesday 25th February – Digital Competition, Monochrome

We welcomed Richard Houghton to judge our Digital Competition, Monochrome, this evening. Richard had come a long way and was very complimentary about the club's standard of images.  He tended to be quite focussed on the rule of thirds but that being said his comments were constructive, non repetitive and helpful.
The high scoring images are shown below.

Abandoned Kitchen by Steve Gregory 20/20

Hitting the Bend by Di Jackson 20/20

North American Grizzle Bear by Robin Orrow 20/20

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Me by Donna Smith 19/20

Racing Through by Mick Ladner 19/20

Robin by Andy Lowe 19/20

Snow on Pyramid Mountain by Dawn Osborn 19/20

The Boiler Men by Graham Frost 19/20

Yesteryear by Daphne Lingwood 19/20

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