Wednesday 3 October 2018

Tuesday 2nd October – Summer Challenge Results and a talk by David Spain

The moment everyone has been waiting for when the results of this 2018 Summer Challenge were announced.
There were 24 entries ranging from motor racing to horses, from overseas to very local. A big thank you to all members who entered. The judges had a tough time and the results were close. 
In third place was Jack Mitchell with Winged Insects, in second place was Any Lowe with Last Minute Macro and this year's Summer Challenge Champion is Dawn Osborn with Birds of Iceland. The contact sheets of the winners are shown below.

This was followed by an illustrated talk from one of the club members David Spain, who has had a varied and interesting career taking pictures of the famous and not so famous, covering a wide variety of genre, including several images which had been published in magazines. He even had one of his pictures used on a  postage stamp!
David stressed that his career had been helped by who he knew and as such many doorways had opened for him.  However, as David himself said, it is not just knowing the people to get the openings, you still had to come up with the goods. Most of his images were taken on film which had the added disadvantage of not being able to "chimp" but have the agonising wait to get the rolls developed to see whether or not you had captured the required images!! Clearly David repeatedly met the client's brief and showed us some stunning images, both colour and monochrome, many of which he had developed himself. 
An interesting evening which was well received by members.

2018 Summer Challenge Champion, Dawn Osborn 

2nd in 2018 Summer Challenge, Andy Lowe

 3rd in 2018 Summer Challenge, Jack Mitchell

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