Wednesday 2 March 2016

Tuesday 1st March - Focus On ... Low Light

There was excellent support for this informal Focus On session which suggests the recent workshops by Tony Worobiec and Robin Orrow have inspired club members to take photos in more challenging light conditions.  Images from dusk, dawn, the middle of the night and dark indoor conditions were all in evidence among the 36 entries.  It was a tough job for the audience of 40+ club members to identify their top 3 favourite images.  But in the end, there was a runaway winner, Roy Scrivener's Lady Iris Under the Stars.  Well done Roy and Elaine and Andy whose photos were voted 2nd and 3rd!  The top 10 favourites are below.

We finished the evening with a quick discussion of the results of the recent online survey of members' interests, views and preferences.  Many thanks for the extra comments at the meeting.  The Committee will do their best to deliver meetings and events which reflect your views and expectations.  

1st  LADY IRIS UNDER THE STARS by Roy Scrivener

2nd  RIPE TOMATOES by Elaine Stubbings

3rd  MAKE A WISH by Andy Lowe

4th  ELEPHANT SUNSET by Robin Orrow

5th  EGYPTIAN GOOSE AT DUSK by Robin Orrow

6th=  OLD ST PETERS CHURCH by Martyn Anderson

6th=  ACROBATS by Di Jackson

8th=  MISTY LAMPLIGHT by Roy Scrivener

8th=  WELLS SETTING SUN by Christine Alcock

10th  INSIDE THE GRAFFITI SHED by Jack Mitchell

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