Wednesday 24 February 2016

Tuesday 23 February - Round 2 Print competition 'Monochrome'

Adrian Stone returned to WDPC to judge our monochrome print competition.  He commented on the strengths and weaknesses of all 66 prints, going into a little more detail on the Club and Intermediate prints.  Thank you, Adrian, for your constructive comments.  And well done to everyone who entered as Adrian said that our collection of monochrome prints were the best he's seen for a while.

The images awarded 19 and 20 points are below.

ABANDONED by John Bunning (20/20)

TAKE THESE CHAINS by Chris Kot (20/20)

FADO by Andy Caws (20/20)

GANNETS by Robin Orrow (20/20)

GOOD KNIGHT by Elaine Stubbings (20/20)

LONDON OLD AND NEW by Jim McConnell (19/20)

THE WHITTLER by Daphne Lingwood (19/20)

BALL AND CHAIN by Christine Alcock (19/20)

DIVING by Robin Orrow (19/20)

GEOMETRIC BARN by Roy Scrivener (19/20)

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