Wednesday 29 May 2024

Tuesday 28th May – print competition: Them Architecture. Judge Alan Sarsby

It was pleasure to welcome Alan back to the club to judge our final print competition of the season.

He explained his judging system and  how he awarded marks based on threee principals. he then referred to these as he went through the images. He also frequently suggested that the images could benefit from using the Tone Curve is editing software. 

There were 30 images spread across three classes. The top scoring images are shown below.  

Abandoned Armenian Church 20 by Diana Graham

Harper, Reykjavik 20 by Roy Scrivener

Not much of a View 20 By Carol Martin

Shades of Blue 20 by Carol Martin

Marina Bay Hands Hotel 19 by Diana Graham

The Chancel, Lutheran Church of Hallbrimsur 19 by Dawn Osborn

The Dancing House, Prague 19 by Jan Murphy

Scissor Arch at Wells Cathedral 19 by Francesca Shearcroft

Valencia Detail 19 by Francesca Shearcroft

Hallgrims Kirk Reykjavik 18 by Dawn Osborn

Planet Bury St Edmunds 18 by Jack Mitchell

The Curves of Yes Island 18 by Jack Mitchell

Sweet Sixteen 20 by Andrew Stringer

Inside Ely Cathedral 20 by Pam Rutty

Early Evening in the Forum 19 by Sue Baldwin

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