Tuesday 21 May 2024

Tuesday 14th May – Presentation of her work by Dawn Osborn, ERPS, EFIAP (Bronze)

It is always good to be able to welcome a club member as a speaker. So this evening we welcomed Dawn Osborn who has varied photographic interests but her primary interest is Natural History and tonight she shared her passion for wildlife plus some of the experience and knowledge she has picked up along her journey.

Dawn began her presentation by taking us to North America, highlighting the stunning & varied landscapes to be found in the American National Parks, including Bryce Canyon and Zion Park amongst many others.  We were then brought back to the UK and a selection of flora and fauna that we might be able to capture here in East Anglia, if not in our own back gardens, including a wide selection of moths.  Finally, she presented a selection of wildlife images from various parts of the world, from bison to penguins, all taken in their natural habitat.


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